ASox9 Review: Is It A Safe & Effective Product?

What is ASox9?

ASox9 is a male enhancement supplement in the form of a tablet. It is boasted to be a solution for men undergoing sexual performance problems.ASox9

It was a self invention of the scientist named Christopher Gordon. The supplement has a somewhat filmy story.

Christopher Gordon used to work for long hours for his research work in the lab. Because of the work stress, he unknowingly started facing some sexual problems.

He tried prescription drugs and got the results but with many side effects. Then he took the help of some natural male enhancement supplements but they worked poorly.

Finally, he got frustrated and decided to make some powerful and safe supplement and came out with ASox9.

He gave this name to the supplement from the protein Sox9 in Y-chromosome that is responsible for making us men and initiating the growth of male sex organ.

So, he gave this supplement a name Advanced-Sox9 popularly called as ASox9.

The story behind ASox9 seems to be very promising but can this product eradicate the embarrassing sexual problems that you don’t even dare to share with others.

In this review, we are going to judge the effectiveness and safety of ASox9 through our practical approach. Just hang on with us.


ASox9 Claims

  • Increase hardness
  • Maximize length and girth
  • Last Longer with increased endurance

What is in ASox9?

  • Tongkat Ali extract(400mg)
  • Maca extract(250mg)
  • L-Arginine(250mg)
  • Ginseng Combination(125mg)
  • Zinc (as Zinc Oxide)(50mg)

ASox9 also contains a proprietary blend of following ingredients to reinforce the strength of the supplement.

Oyster Extract and Boron (Amino Acid), Pumpkin (seed) Extract, Oat Straw (leaf and stalk), Cayenne Pepper (fruit), Catuaba (bark), Tribulus Terrestris, Orchic, Licorice (root) Extract, Astragalus (root) Extract, Nettle (Leaf), Muira Pauma (Bark) Extract, Sarsaparilla (root) Extract.

How Does ASox9 Work?

When we studied the main ingredients and a proprietary blend of ASox9 we found that this male enhancement supplement has a strong potential to produce excellent results and it can deliver all the claims.

Supplement fulfills the promises mainly by increasing the blood flow in your organ.

When the erectile chambers in the penis are completely filled with abundant blood flow during sexual arousal, your member achieves maximum size and hardness.

When you are sexually excited, this blood flow is maintained to its peak level for a longer time so that you can continue the love session for an extended duration.

Apart from this, Asox9 is capable of improving your sex drive, response and testosterone level.

Ingredients of the ASox9 can also improve your prostate health, immunity, fertility and overall strength and stamina.

ASox9 Clinical Studies and Research Work

The maker of the ASox9 has made ample research to finalize its ingredients. He also provided the references of some of the research studies that helped him finalize the ingredients.

ASox9 Side Effects

We have not found any cases of side effects from ASox9. However, we suggest you to take it after consult from your physician as it contains too many ingredients and people allergic to them can face some adverse effects.

Also, people with pre-existing health issues should avoid ASox9.

ASox9 Precautions

As ASox9 is made from a blend of too many powerful ingredients. You are advised to take it as per the instructions on the product label.

ASox9 Doses and Directions

To get the best results from ASox9 you are suggested to take 1 tablet twice daily on empty stomach with abundant water.

You can expect some positive results within three days and maximum results can be seen after two weeks.

ASox9 Price

You can get ASox9 from its official website in three different packing as under.

  • 1 month supply of ASox9: $38.97
  • 2 months supply of ASox9: $66.25
  • 3 months supply of ASox9: $87.74

The supplement is also available on Amazon.

How is ASox9 Being Delivered?

Manufacturer of ASox9 provides delivery in the US and Canada only. They take every care to keep your purchase private and most importantly ASox9 is backed by 90 days money back guarantee.

ASox9 User Reviews & Testimonials

This male enhancement supplement has got 76% 5star reviews and 24% 1star reviews from total 33 buyers on Amazon.

So from the available reviews that we can rely on up to some extent, we can say that ASox9 works for approximately 75% users.

Is ASox9 a Scam?

From the given data on the internet, it appears that this male enhancement product is not a scam.

ASox9 Pros

  • 90 days money back guarantee is provided by the manufacturer of ASox9.
  • Made from potent ingredients.
  • Customer reviews are good.

ASox9 Cons

  • Too many ingredients are used. Hence people with allergy from any of its ingredients can see some side effects.
  • The supplement is available for its sale in the US and Canada only.

Final Verdict

ASox9 is a strong male enhancement supplement and it appears to deliver all its claims successfully.

The manufacturer has clearly mentioned all the ingredients with their quantity used in the supplement.

There is an enough scientific data backing the supplement and manufacturer has not made any impossible claim that ASox9 can’t deliver.

There are many positive customer reviews for ASox9 on Amazon and its price is quite affordable for an average buyer.

Hence, we think that ASox9 can improve your sex life by increasing the hardness and size of the erections that stay for longer duration.

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