His Blue Pill Review: Does This Product have a Multifaceted Approach?

What is His Blue Pill?

His Blue Pill is a doctor made male enhancement supplement that can help the men of all ages toHis Blue Pill image regain youthful libido and highly satisfying sexual activity.

His Blue Pill is marketed as a natural alternative for side effect prone Viagra and Cialis.

For this, it is designed with natural ingredients that have similar potential like powerful chemicals used in Viagra and Cialis.


His Blue Pill Benefits

  • Increases Blood Circulation for Better Erection
  • More Interest and Energy for any Intimate Activity
  • Improved Performance and Arousal
  • Increases Libido and Sex Desire
  • Boosts Drive, Stamina, and Pleasure
  • No need of prescription

Company behind His Blue Pill

This male enhancement pill is manufactured by Physicians Forever Young LLC at their FDA approved production facility in the USA. They follow the production process are as per the guidelines of GMP.

The company was formed by two doctors – Richard and Steven Mynatt in Washington State. It has well maintained official website with detailed address and phone number.

Ingredients and Working Process of His Blue Pill

His Blue Pill contains 100% natural ingredients as under.


L-Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid. In your body, it gets transformed into a different amino acid called L-Arginine and a chemical compound known as nitric oxide.

Nitric Oxide helps blood vessels to relax which improves blood flow in your body. This has many health benefits but particularly can help you get improved erection strength and length.

The theory behind is, the quality of erection you achieve depends on two elastic chambers in your penis.

Increased blood flow allows more blood to rush into these chambers expanding them like a balloon and thus giving you a hard and big erection.

Scientific studies show that L-Citrulline is not an equally effective cure as the Viagra is for ED but is comparatively a far safer alternative.

Maca Root

Maca is a plant whose root is used for medical purpose. It is found on high plateaus of Andes Mountains in Peru. In fact, nowadays, people have started its cultivation at professional level due to its increasing demand.

Maca root includes various chemicals along with fatty acids and amino acids. Maca root is used by many people as an oral tonic which improves immunity, memory, energy and stamina.

Some people use it to treat erectile dysfunction, improve sexual desire and fertility. But, there is a downside in terms of lack of evidence or information about exactly how Maca works.

Red Korean Ginseng     

This plant is grown in Asian countries like China and Korea. Thus, sometimes it is called as Chinese and Korean ginseng.

It is different from Siberian or American ginseng that suits for different needs. The steamed and dried roots of Korean ginseng are called as red Korean ginseng.

This red Korean ginseng is used to increase alertness and is a potential cure for erectile dysfunction.

His Blue Pill Clinical Studies and Research Work

L-Citrulline and Korean Red Ginseng used in this male enhancement supplement have been tested in various scientific studies and the results have been found to be very promising.

His Blue Pill Side Effects

This male enhancement pill has limited side effects. The presence of L-Citrulline can interact with other medicines containing nitrates and can lower the blood pressure to the dangerous level. Hence you need to be careful and avoid its use with other medicines.

The common side effect due to the addition of Korean ginseng is trouble sleeping.

If you find any unbearable ill effect then stop consuming the pill and visit the doctor for further guidance.

His Blue Pill Doses and Directions

Recommended dose is 4 capsules once daily.

His Blue Pill Price

Each bottle of His Blue Pill contains 120 capsules. 2 months supply is sold at the cost of of $94.95 with free shipping.

His Blue Pill Money Back Guarantee

This male enhancement pill is supported by 30 days money back guarantee.

Is His Blue Pill a Scam?

No, His Blue Pill is not a scam.

His Blue Pill Pros

  • The supplement is made from natural ingredients.
  • The pill is suitable for men of all ages.

His Blue Pill Cons

  • Big dose of four capsules at a time.
  • No provision for early ejaculation problem.

Where to Buy His Blue Pill?

Visit the manufacturer’s official website for the best deal.

Final Verdict

The natural alternatives to the chemical drugs are always the good option to be considered. But, when you opt for natural supplement then plenty of options can be found.

In such case, the selection should be based on reputable manufacturer, scientific support and multifaceted approach of the pill.

His Blue Pill can effectively attend the problems of poor erection due to the presence of L-Citrulline and Korean Red Ginseng.

Maca used in this male enhancement pill is believed to be useful for improving sex desire and fertility in healthy men but has limited scientific support.

Other benefits of the ingredients can improve the overall health through increased stamina, immunity and mental functions.

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