Nizagara Review: Effective ED Treatment at the Cost of Side Effects?

What is Nizagara?

Generally, most of the men above 40 are concerned about their ability to get the good erections.

Those who feel that they can’t achieve the hard and penetrating erections like before, live in constant fear and try to avoid sexual encounter.nizagara pill

“You can’t satisfy me like before” is the line which can crush your confidence in the bed.

To encash this cause, the number of companies have introduced different male enhancement products in the market claiming to help men treat erectile dysfunction.

Nizagara is one such male enhancement product that claims to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

It comes in tablet form with three different doses: 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.


Company behind Nizagara

Nigazara is manufactured by Uni-Sule Pvt. Ltd now called as Combitic Global.

What is in Nizagara?

Unlike many other male enhancement pills that boast about their natural ingredients, Nizagara contains proven and tested pharma grade chemical ingredients.

Below is the list of Nizagara ingredients:

  • Sildenafil Citrate
  • Lactose Monohydrate Starch
  • Sodium Starch Glycolate
  • Poly Ethyl Glycol
  • Colloidal Anhydous Silica
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Titanium Dioxide

How Does Nizagara Work?

Out of the seven ingredients listed above Sildenafil Citrate is the only active ingredient that is useful in treating the erectile dysfunction. It is a PDE5 inhibitor.

It is the same ingredient which you can find in many prescription drugs used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Sildenafil Citrate optimizes the blood flow in the penis. For this purpose, it stops the degradation of cGMP which manages the blood stream in the spongy chambers of the penis.

It gives you reliable and solid penile erection when you are sexually aroused. Some sort of sexual involvement is must for achieving the erections.

These erections can last around 4 hours, which are more than enough to have satisfying intercourse.

An important thing you should know about Nizagara is that it is not going to improve your sex drive or other sexual aspects in any way. It can only treat the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Other ingredients of Nizagara play a little or no role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Being a prescription type of pharmaceutical pill, Nizagara can treat your erectile dysfunction more effectively than natural alternatives.

Nizagara Clinical Studies and Research Work

An active ingredient of Nagazara has been clinically proven for its effectiveness in treating the erectile dysfunction.

Nizagara Side Effects

Nizagara contains Sildenafil Citrate a powerful chemical ingredient which is associated with the number of side effects.

You may experience side effects like stomach upset, upper back pain, coughing, headaches, flushing, ache in chest muscles etc.

If you see severe side effects then stop its use and visit the doctor. Such bad side effects include quick decrease or loss in the ability to hear, long penile erection (more than four hours), giddiness, hives or perhaps allergy, changes in color eyesight, sudden serious loss in eyesight, ringing in ears.

Nizagara Precautions

  • Nizagara contain prescription type ingredient which can cause severe side effects hence you must consult the doctor before taking it.
  • You must inform your doctor if you have any existing health problem.
  • Avoid alcohol before taking Nizagara otherwise, it may result into severe side effects.
  • Dont increase the recommended dosage without consulting a doctor.
  • Dont use it every day.
  • If any side effect appears, consult your doctor immediately.

Nizagara Doses and Directions

Nizagara pill should be taken only when needed and with the consult of the doctor. You can consume 1 pill 25-30 minutes before sexual activity. It comes in several flavors.

Best results can be seen if Nizagara capsule is consumed after eating fatty foods.

Nizagara Price

10 pills pack of 100mg Nizagara comes at $36.98. Prices may vary depending on the quality and strength of the pills.

Nizagara User Reviews & Testimonials

From many customers, Nizagara has given the positive result in terms of effectiveness. There are few exceptions to this which will be always there for any supplement.

From many customer reviews, it is widely clear that side effects are likely to come.

However, there are some people who got effective results without any side effect.

 Is Nizagara a Scam?

It is a pharmaceutical grade prescription drug. Don’t even think about the scam.

Nizagara Pros

  • Nizagara is a fast acting and effective repair for erectile dysfunction.
  • It is a well known product.

Nizagara Cons

  • It can cause both mild and severe side effects.
  • Doctors consult is must for taking Nizagara.
  • It doesn’t take care of other sexual concerns like low sex drive, early ejaculation, poor stamina etc.

Where to Buy Nizagara?

You can buy Nizagara pills from various online retailers.

Final Verdict

Nizagara contains Sildenafil Citrate, a powerful prescription drug used for treating erectile dysfunction. But, it is widely known for bearing problematic side effects.

The doctor’s prescription is essential for using this male enhancement pill safely.

However, it must be considered that, as per the scientific studies, Sildenafil Citrate is very effective if tolerated by your body. Other famous prescription drugs like Viagra also contain this chemical.

For these reasons, Nizagara has gained good popularity and is grasping the market at faster rate.

It must be noted that Nizagara can treat only erectile dysfunction. It can’t improve other aspects of sexual life which are also essential for an intense sexual experience.

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