Penirium Review: So Big Gain! Is It Really Possible?

What is Penirium?

Penirium is a dietary male enhancement product available in the market which is said to give you longer and thicker penis with improved stamina.penirium image

These promises appear extremely motivating; but, in no case, they should be considered trustworthy, because the research undertaken on this topic until now has confirmed that a pill only treatment cannot result in an increase in penis thickness and length permanently.

Permanent increase in penis and increase in penis erection size are the two different things where people usually get confused and fall prey to faulty promises in the pursuit of superman features.

The following detailed review article will provide you with a deeper understanding about Penirium and finally, you will be able to take a call on this product.


Penirium Claims

  • Increase in the length of penis by 7.5 cm and thickness by 2.5 cm
  • Stronger erections and increased sexual efficiency

What is in Penirium?

Penirium consists of following variety of amino acids, minerals and other organic ingredients to offer you a potent formula.

  • Licorice Root Extract 4:1
  • Sarsaparilla Root Extract 4:1
  • L-Arginine HCL
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract 4:1
  • Ginseng Root Extract4:1
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Carnitine HCL
  • Maca Root Extract 4:1
  • Cranberry Fruit Extract 4:1    
  • Zinc (Zinc Oxide)

Does Penirium Really Work and How Well?

From the ingredients list, it appears that this male enhancement product can take care of sexual as well as overall health.

L-Arginine HCL is a well known ingredient and often used as a supplement due to its vasodilation properties.

It expands the blood vessels thereby increasing the blood flow to the elastic compartments in the penis.

These compartments are mainly responsible for an increase in girth and length of the penis during the erection.

When the blood rushes into these chambers and gets locked causes them to expand like rubber making your penis bigger and harder.

The manufacturer has added Ginseng Root and Maca to this formula which can fight erectile dysfunction(ED) and boost libido. These ingredients can increase energy, stamina, memory power and enhance immunity.

Penirium contains ingredients like L-Lysine and Sarsaparilla which can improve athletic performance and relieve stress and anxiety.

The addition of Zinc, Pumpkin Seed, Licorice Root and Cranberry Fruit Extract ensures the good prostate and overall health

The ingredients like Zinc and L-Carnitine can improve the male fertility by boosting the quality and quantity of the sperm. They also increase the testosterone production in the body.

L-Carnitine has special ability to treat age related testosterone deficiency (termed as male menopause).

So, What Penirium Can Actually Do?

From the ingredients, it is clear that this male enhancement supplement can soothe the symptoms of erectile dysfunction(ED) and increase penis erection size and length, but not permanently while in the rest condition.

This gain can’t be as high as it is mentioned in the claims.

Further, Penirium can improve your sex drive, fertility, energy, stamina and immunity. It can fight stress and anxiety which might be the root causes of sexual problems.

These improvements enable you to go on for a longer time than before to give your partner the deepest and strongest sexual pleasure.

Penirium can help to improve the prostate health which can lead to good sexual performance.

Penirium Clinical Studies and Research Work

Penirium contains a blend of some powerful ingredients which can offer good sexual health when taken in right quantity.

But, we become very professional and believe in practical approach when it comes to spending money.

Hence, we want to see the validation of the claimed results of Penirium but unfortunately found no related data.

Penirium Side Effects

The product doesn’t possess any dangerous side effects. However, some allergic reactions, heart palpitations and nervousness can be seen in some people.

To avoid such ill effects check with your doctor that all the ingredients are safe for you and never overdose the supplement.

Penirium Doses and Directions

You can take one capsule of Penirium daily 15 minutes before breakfast.

Penirium Price

One bottle of Penirium (30 days supply) comes at £29.95. Additionally, there is a shipping charge of £2.00.

Penirium Shipping Policy

Penirium is shipped internationally without revealing to anyone about the content in the packing.

Penirium Money Back Guarantee

Penirium is backed by 60 days money back guarantee.

Is Penirium a Scam?

We won’t call Penirium a scam as the ingredients present in this male enhancement pill can increase your sexual performance and the product is actually available.

However, we would like to add that at some point the official website has used the words related to the permanent increase in length and size.

The use of such wordings can also be found on Penirium description page on eBay.

Penirium Pros

  • Contains good ingredients that improve both sexual and overall health.
  • Can improve erection quality, libido and sexual stamina.

Penirium Cons

  • Official website is in polish language, which can be difficult for most of the users.
  • Very few independent reviews.
  • Claims are too big to achieve.
  • Clinical proofs are not attached with the official website.

Where to Buy Penirium?

You can buy Penirium from its official website. Those who don’t understand polish language can shop it from eBay.

Final Verdict

Penirium does contain natural ingredients which can give the positive effect on common sexual problems like smaller erections, low sex desire and poor stamina.

But, the product is loaded with exaggerated claims which can easily mislead some gullible customers.

This male enhancement pill can increase the erection length and size but not as huge as it is claimed by the manufacturer. Also, there is no clinical evidence on official website supporting such claims.

Interestingly, you can see that official website itself declares 60 days money back guarantee only for 2 cm increase in erection length but not for 7.5 cm. What does it mean??

However, there is no need to explain all these things to a clever customer who knows the facts about male enhancement pills.

Finally, looking at the potent ingredients and their possible usefulness we recommend our readers to use Penirium with the doctors consult and the money back guarantee.

Like us, if you are also unsure about claimed benefits of Penirium then there is an superiour alternative which is up to the mark in every department where Penirium has failed. That alternative is Male Extra. Read our detailed review on Male Extra to find everything about it at one glance.

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