Promescent Review: Ejaculation Control At The Cost Of Pleasing Sensation?     

What is Promescent?

Premature ejaculation results into embarrassment of not satisfying the partner and spoils the ultimate pleasure of intense orgasm which could be achieved by delaying the ejaculation.promescent

With this problem, neither you nor your partner can have pleasing intercourse and ultimately it can ruin the relationship.

There are many people facing this problem, knowing this fact may give you a little moral support but it won’t solve your problem.

Hence, these days people try to find different kind of solutions in the form of supplements to combat premature ejaculation.

Promescent is one such product that desensitize the penis to delay ejaculation.

Rather than capsule or cream, Promescent comes in the form of a fast acting topical spray that you can apply shortly before sexual intercourse, enabling you to have a firm control on when to ejaculate.


Company behind Promescent

This premature ejaculation spray is designed by Urologist Dr. Ronald Gilbert and is distributed by Absorption Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

What is in Promescent?

Lidocaine(10gm for every 100gm spray) is the only active ingredient used in the Promescent spray. It acts as a topical anesthetic that reduces the sensitivity of the skin.

There are other supporting ingredients but bears no role in the ejaculation control.

How Does Promescent Work?

For a satisfying and more pleasing sex, both men and women should reach the almighty orgasm approximately at the same time.

As per the scientific study, both men and women take different duration to reach this climax.

Men attain it quite early while women take more time to reach there. Men with premature ejaculation make the situation even worst, leaving their counterpart frustrated in the half way.

Promescent works by reducing the orgasm gap between men and women. It postpones the orgasm in men by delaying the ejaculation, thus, giving you and you partner a complete satisfaction.

To achieve this, it acts as a numbing agent to reduce the sensitivity of your penis without affecting the erection and enjoyment.

The spray is made from Lidocaine and is absorbed quickly to calm the sensitive nerves in the penis so that you can stay longer.

Promescent Clinical Studies and Research Work

Promescent is a unique premature ejaculation spray of its kind sold in the USA which has been clinically proven for its effectiveness.

The official website has enclosed a scientific article explaining the effectiveness of Promescent on premature ejaculation problem.

Promescent Side Effects

Promescent is recognized by FDA as a safe and effective aid for premature ejaculation.

However, some people might feel burning sensation and irritation due to an allergic skin.  Over dosage use of this product may cause excessive numbness.

Promescent Precautions

  • Applying too much spray might reduce erection quality and the sexual satisfaction due to anesthetic effect.
  • Avoid its use if you feel any side effect and wash your penis immediately with warm water.
  • Avoid Promescent spray if your partner is allergic to its ingredient although there are least chances of its transfer.

Promescent Doses and Directions

Apply 3-5 sprays of this premature ejaculation product on your penis approximately 10 minutes before sexual intercourse to enjoy long lasting sex.

Rub it as per the instructions on the product label until it is fully absorbed. Its effect may last up to one hour depending on the dosage applied.

Promescent Price

This product is sold in different sizes as under for the convenience of the user.

  • Travel trial size containing 10 sprays: $19.95
  • Standard size containing 60 sprays: $59.95

There are many other multibuy options available on the official website at discounted rate.

How is Promescent Being Delivered?

This male enhancement product is shipped discreetly and is available for sale in the most part of the world.

Promescent Money Back Guarantee

No money back guarantee is offered on Promescent due to its unique form.

Promescent User Reviews & Testimonials

There are considerable positive reviews for Promescent both on the official website and third party websites.

Is Promescent a Scam?

This product is a genuine solution for premature ejaculation and has many positive reviews. Thus, there is no question of a scam.

Promescent Pros

  • Doctor’s prescription is not needed.
  • Convenient and easy to apply.
  • Get absorbed quickly and there is the least chance of transfer to your partner.
  • Can be used only when needed, unlike other daily supplements.
  • Its effect is long lasting up to 1 hour.

Promescent Cons

  • Costly product particularly if you apply 4-5 sprays each time.
  • Allergic people may experience burning sensation.

Where to Buy Promescent?

Promescent premature ejaculation spray can be easily purchased without doctor’s prescription from its official website. It also ensures the genuine product.

It is also available with third party online retailers.

Final Verdict

Promescent spray is a fast acting and easy solution for the problem of premature ejaculation. However, in some cases, it may erase all the sensation making your penis fully numb.

Reducing sensation during sexual intercourse is a good idea to delay ejaculation but some sensation is essential to feel the pleasure of intercourse.

Such fast acting cures serves as a temporary fix. Although, they are very attractive but can’t remove the problem from its roots.

Premature ejaculation can be treated effectively, if the main reasons causing it, such as hormonal imbalance are targeted effectively.

But, for that, you might need to shift from the quick fix to a slow and long lasting solution like Male Extra which along with premature ejaculation attends all other forms of sexual discomforts that are generally faced by aging men.

Read our review on male extra.

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