Viaxus Review: Is it Effective Enough to Justify the Cost?

What is Viaxus?

Like female members, males in human society have their own personal issues.viaxus image

When you become older, the body system doesn’t generate the same exact amount of hormones like it has done in its younger days.

The downfall in hormone generation and ever declining sexual desire can detrimentally harm your relationship.

Instead of trying harmful and difficult methods most men prefers the natural and non prescription type remedy to solve the sexual issue without exposing it publicly.

For the same reason today we are going to review one natural male virility product called Viaxus.

This male enhancement supplement comes in capsule form and works within hours of taking it.

Each bottle contains 40 capsules and is sold at the cost of $69.99.  The cost may vary from store to store.


Viaxus Claims

  • Enhance Libido
  • Boost Performance
  • Amplify Pleasure

Company behind Viaxus

This male enhancement supplement is created by truDERMA LLC, a reputed group in the field of nutraceuticals and supplements. The firm was established in 2011 at Las Vegas, NV.

Their products are available at common national retailers in the US. However, they have not given enough details about Viaxus at company’s official website.

What is in Viaxus?

Panax Ginseng Root(80mg): can treat erectile dysfunction and can improve general wellbeing of a person.

Epimedium Sagittatum(150 mg): is used by people from years to arouse sexual desire. It can also soothe erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation. All these things play a crucial role in having a satisfying intercourse.

Cordyceps Sinensis(130mg): improves athletic performance and strengthen immunity. It is a good aphrodisiac to ignite strong sex drive.

Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera)(100mg): has many Ayurvedic uses. It can relieve anxiety, remove weakness due to fatigue and increases the energy level.

Tribulus terrestris(100mg): improves strength and sex drive. It supports the utilization of available testosterone.

Maca Root(100mg): is a perfect herb for boosting sexual performance. It can increase the desire for sex and boost testosterone level.

How Does Viaxus Work?

This male enhancement supplement has many things in its formula to renovate your sexual health.

By consuming Viaxus capsules you can easily regain the lost virility due to its testosterone boosting ingredients.

Increased testosterone ensures strength and good sexual response. Natural aphrodisiacs are added in this formula to recharge your sex drive.

The supplement is said to provide you a control on your ejaculation but we don’t find enough ingredients for this effect.

Some of its ingredients will reduce the mental stress and physical fatigue to bolster your sexual strength.

It attends the poor erection problem but does not contain adequate ingredients which can be truly going to increase blood flow and actually allow you to get an erection as hard as possible.

Viaxus Clinical Studies and Research Work

Viaxus can restore your sexual health but there are no scientific studies that can prove its claims.

Viaxus Side Effects

You may come across upset stomach but that is common with any supplement.

This male enhancement supplement is fully safe for use but don’t mix it with other medicines and consult the doctor if you have other medical issues before using Viaxus.

Viaxus Precautions

  • Don’t exceed the intake beyond 4 capsules in 24 hours time.

Viaxus Doses and Directions

New users, during initial period of supplementation, can take 2 capsules daily around 2 hours before lovemaking for fast results. Drink at least 8 oz of water with capsules.

Once your body gets enough of nutrients from the initial hard dosage which will be quite visible from the change in your sexual response, you can take 1 capsule daily on empty stomach.

Viaxus Pros

  • Easily available at online stores.
  • Minimum side effects.

Viaxus Cons

  • No clinical or scientific support to the Viaxus formula.
  • Supplement is quite new to the market.

Where to Buy Viaxus?

Viaxus can be easily ordered as it is available with branded third party retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

You may find some variation in the price from store to store.  However, manufacturer’s official website can be the best place to order this male enhancement supplement.

Final Verdict

Overall, Viaxus is a good male enhancement supplement that can help you revitalize your sex life, stamina, and arousal levels.

However, Viaxus lacks powerful ingredients that can ensure hard rock erections with full control on ejaculation.

At the price of $69.99, you might probably wish a more powerful formula with good clinical evidence.

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