Vigrax Review: Efficacy, Ingredients, Return Policy Exposed!

What is Vigrax?

Sex is an extremely touching affair which can make or break a relationship. If sex is performed properly, it can be the anchor of your relationships with her.vigrax image

Erotic and long sexual intercourse is what every woman dream for as it can quench her thirst.

Then imagine what can happen if as a man you can’t satisfy your woman because you are not hard enough to fulfill her deepest desire.

To cure this issue many supplements are introduced.

When plenty of male enhancement pills failed to answer the problem that leaves most men in an embarrassing situation Vigrax captured the market like a storm.

It is touted as a natural male enhancement supplement which is an alternative to a chemical pill Viagra.

In this review, we will study this male enhancement pill Vigrax deeply to find out whether it’s an ultimate solution for you or just a momentary buzz.


Vigrax Claims

  • Treat erectile dysfunction(ED)
  • Give long lasting hard erection

Company behind Vigrax

This male enhancement pill is made by a company called Dhamil Corp. which has an office in Panama. This company is famous among the men and women for its dietary supplements.

For Vigrax, they seem to have made different websites in different languages. But, the websites are not very much informative about ingredients details.

What is in Vigrax?

Let’s take a look at the Vigrax ingredients and find out what they can do for Erectile Dysfunction(ED).

Schisandra Chinese

Schisandra is a plant found in East Asia. Its fruit is used as a food and also to create medicine.

It effectively relieves depression, mental stress, improves mental performance and liver functions.

This ingredient may treat erectile dysfunction(ED) and increase an urge for sex. But, more evidence is needed to support these functions.

Additionally, it can increase the energy, physical performance and endurance.


Guarana is a plant grown in Amazon. It is widely used by guarani tribes and hence carries their name.

It contains caffeine and similar chemicals. It can reduce mental and physical fatigue. For the same reasons, it is commonly used in energy and weight loss products.

Its caffeine can stimulate and improve the function of central nervous system.


Ginseng blend is one of the most popular herbal medicines in the world. It can treat erectile dysfunction(ED) and improve the immune system.

Muira Puama

The wood and root of Muira Puama plant are used to make medicine. It is used to prevent sexual disorders and acts as an aphrodisiac to increase the sexual desire.

In combination with some other herbs, it can treat erectile dysfunction(ED) in men.

Zinc Chelate

Chelated zinc has an important role in the production of testosterone in your body. It is very important for the normal growth and health of the body.

Zinc deficiency may lead to poor development of reproductive organs and low sperm count.

How Does Vigrax Work?

For increasing the strength of erections Vigrax mainly targets two things: blood circulation and sense of stimulation caused by frenulum.

The ingredients in Vigrax are said to heighten the blood flow to the penis to expand the corpus cavernosum, elastic chambers that decide the erection quality. More blood flow into the penis means more expansion of these chambers, resulting into bigger, stronger and long lasting erections.

The frenulum is a membrane inside the penis, almost like connecting membrane below the human tongue. It informs the nervous system about sexual activity.

In turn, the brain sends a signal to increase the blood flow to the penis which again helps for robust and longer erection. Vigrax helps to improve the functioning of the frenulum.

Does Vigrax Really work and How Well?

Although Vigrax depends largely on blood circulation and functioning of the frenulum, it uses a multifaceted approach and this is very much clear from the ingredients description above.

We would like to see the addition of potent ingredient like L-Arginine into Vigrax to make it an ultimate formula.

Mental peace, stress, depression can be the basic causes of erectile dysfunction(ED) which are well attended by Vigrax ingredients.

Better sex drive and good testosterone levels play a vital role in reaching quality erection. These aspects have also been targeted through Vigrax formula.

Vigrax Clinical Studies and Research Work

All the ingredients of Vigrax are clinically tested during various independent studies all over the world.

Importantly, 96% of the men involved in the Vigrax clinical trial experienced an improvement in their erection quality in few days of taking Vigrax.

Vigrax Side Effects

During clinical trials, men taking Vigrax experienced zero side effects. But, unhealthy people may suffer some side effects.

Vigrax Precautions

  • Women are not allowed to consume or handle Vigrax.
  • Unhealthy men should consult the doctor first, before using Vigrax.
  • Vigrax is meant only for men above 18.

Vigrax Doses and Directions

Each Vigrax bottle contains 60 capsules. You are advised to take 2 capsules daily, one in the morning and one at evening, like a dietary supplement.

Depending on your body chemistry, it may take few days to few weeks for some noticeable results to come.

Also, it doesn’t interact with alcohol and you need not change your lifestyle largely. But, healthy lifestyle is what recommended for the best results.

Vigrax Price

  • 1 Vigrax Bottle (1 Month Supply): $46
  • 3 Vigrax Bottles: $71
  • 6 Vigrax Bottles: $93.5

All the rates are including shipping and Handling(S&H) charge.

How is Vigrax Being Delivered?

Vigrax is delivered worldwide through discreet shipping. S&H cost is $14.95 for all the orders.

Vigrax Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee is provided by Vigrax manufacturer, but they don’t elaborate it clearly.

The money will be refunded only for the unopened bottles. Means you can’t get refunds if a single bottle is bought.

S&H cost is too high and it is non refundable.

Vigrax User Reviews & Testimonials

We are unable to find many independent reviews about this male enhancement pill as it is available only on the official website.

Is Vigrax a Scam?

We have some concerns related to its return policy. But, it will be too early to call Vigrax a scam.

Vigrax Pros

  • Clinically proven.
  • Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction(ED) without side effects.

Vigrax Cons

  • Refund policy applies only to the unopened bottles.
  • Shipping and Handling charge is too high.

Where to Buy Vigrax?

You can’t find Vigrax in local stores or with online retailers like Amazon. It’s only available from its official website

Final Verdict

We are pleased with the positive factors like it contains good natural ingredients with a multifaceted approach towards erectile dysfunction(ED) and the formula is clinically tested.

But, the lack of independent reviews and unclear money back guarantee raises our eyebrows.

Buying Vigrax will be like playing a gamble. Hence, we are unable to reach a conclusive decision on Vigrax.

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