Viril X Review: Is It An Ultimate Male Enhancement Product?

What is Viril X?

Sexual satisfaction is the pillar of a healthy relationship. It is necessary for any individual to fully satisfy her else there can be an every possibility that your partner may seek service from other men.viril x

Many companies are trying to capitalize on this vital need of every suffering man through their commercial products.

Viril X is one of these products available in the market and promises to give ultimate sexual results.

It is touted to be a clinically developed proven formula to improve your sex drive and overall sexual health.

But, the question in our mind is how to believe this statement blindly because companies generally provide the copies of their clinical studies on the official website. We don’t find any such data for Viril X anywhere on the web.


Viril X Claims

  • Increases virility and performance
  • Boost testosterone level

Company behind Viril X

This male enhancement supplement is formulated in the UK under the directives of GMP. However, the makers of the supplement have not opened their identity.

Also, there is no official website for the product where you can seek some valuable information about it.

What is in Viril X?

D-Alpha Tocopherol

Tocopherols( TCP ) are a class of natural chemical substances most of which depict vitamin E activity.

It seems like vitamin E may enhance sexual performance, however, more research is necessary to be sure about it.

Some scientific studies have shown a positive result on sexual dysfunction like ED but participants were not human. Studies were published in various journals.

The experiments were done on animals. All these studies show a positive result on animals which means vitamin E may also help human for improving sexual dysfunction.

But, the University of Maryland Medical Center, gives a contradictory statement that till date no vitamin has been found to improve sexual performance in men or women.

Maca Root Extract

This plant has good aphrodisiac properties and is found to increase testosterone levels in men. It has a number of health benefits.

Maca increases sex drive, erectile quality, sexual endurance and both the quantity and the quality of sperm. It is particularly helpful in folks facing sexual problem due to depression, and ED due to depression medicines.

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng is different from Panax Ginseng. Siberian Ginseng is useful in enhancing athletic performance and stress relieving.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris helps to enhance the responsiveness of brain towards available testosterone in the body and testosterone produced by other ingredients.

Some people believes that Terrestris can increase the testosterone level in the body but it is not so.

It also enhances the athletic performance of the body.

All other ingredients like Micro-Crystalline Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate and Magnesium Stearate have no active role in the supplement.

Does Viril X Work and How Well?

From above details it is quite clear that Viril X totally depends on Maca for its sexual benefits.

We can say that Tribulus Terrestris has a supportive role in maximize the availability of testosterone generated by Maca.

Efficacy of D-Alpha Tocopherol is under suspense due to lack of evidence.

When it comes to Siberian Ginseng, it is not as potent as Korean Ginseng and has no direct relation with sexual improvement.

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are the two main requirements of any potential customers but are not effectively attended by these ingredients.

Viril X Side Effects

There are no painful side effects experienced by users but Viril X should not be used with other medicines to avoid possible complications.

Viril X Price, Doses and Directions

1 bottle of Viril X is sold at $52.99. It contains 50 tablets. You are advised to take 2 tablets daily meaning one bottle can last for 25 days.

If S&H charge is considered, monthly supply will cost more than $70 which is too high compared other potent supplements.

Viril X Pros

  • Made from natural active ingredients.
  • Boost testosterone levels.

Viril X Cons

  • No detail about the manufacturer and there is no official website.
  • Not a versatile male enhancement supplement.

Where to Buy Viril X?

Viril X can be bought from Amazon as there is no official website.

Final Verdict

Viril X is not a legit male enhancement supplement due to its limited benefits. It increases testosterone, sex drive and athletic performance.

However, it has a poor approach towards early ejaculation and erectile dysfunction problems.

Also, the product is costlier than other versatile competitors and has no official website, no details of manufacturer and no scientific references for the effectiveness.

Hence, instead of using Viril X we would like to recommend some top quality male enhancement supplement like Male Extra.

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