Virility EX Review: Is it a marketing hype or factual performance behind this Famous Pill?  

What is Virility EX?

Virility EX is claimed to be a male enhancement and penis enlargement program.

It put together the use of so called result based penis enlargement exercises with the consumption ofvirility ex image pills.

This combined program of exercise and pills is said to give you enhanced sexual urge, strong erections and increased penis size, letting you satisfy your partner like never before.

This male enhancement supplement only needs to be consumed before you are going to engage in sexual activity.

Virility Ex seems to be one of the most intensively advertised male enhancement products in the market. But, does it really work? Let us find out through this review.


Company behind Virility EX

Virility EX is manufactured by the US based company Pacific 298 Ltd. established in 2002 and distributed by Pacific Naturals. Very limited factual information is offered about this male enhancement pill on the official website.

What is in Virility EX?

There is misleading information about the ingredients of Virility EX on different websites. But we did all the hard work to unearth its real ingredients for the ease of our valued readers.

Zinc (as Oxide)

Zinc is an essential mineral for the normal health of our body. It has a key role in the production of Testosterone in the male body.

Testosterone is directly linked with sexual urge.  Hence, indirectly zinc improves your sex drive. It also supports muscle development.

Selenium (as chelate)

It acts as a tonic to improve immune system functions and overall health. It also helps to build strong muscles and bones.

Korean Ginseng Standardized Extract 10:1 (5% gensingosides)

Ginseng helps to fight stress. It improves the immune system and can treat erectile dysfunction.

Saw Palmetto Standardized Extract (25% essential fatty acid)

Saw Palmetto is related to prostate health. It can relieve the infections in the prostate. It may improve sex drive and help to get the quality erection.

Beta Sitosterols

It is an organic substance found in plants. It is used to relieve enlarged prostate and improve sexual performance.

How Does Virility EX Work?

Active ingredients in Virility EX increase the production of male hormone testosterone to increase sex drive and sperm count.

This male enhancement pill has some ingredients which work towards improving the immune system, overall health and relieve stress. This nothing but increase your stamina to last longer.

Exercise program they provide, is supposed to improve the blood circulation in your penis, allowing you to get harder and longer erection. Also few of its ingredients can help to treat erectile dysfunction.

Virility EX Clinical Studies and Research Work

There is no data related to clinical studies and research work which proves the proposed benefits of Virility EX.

Virility EX Side Effects

Although there are no reported side effects caused by this male enhancement supplement, you should be careful while using it because overdosing of few its ingredients may result into harmful outcomes.

Virility EX Precautions

Don’t exceed more than 2 tablets of this male enhancement product within 2 hours.

This male enhancement pill is not meant for the one who is taking some medicine or has a certain health problem. In such case, doctor’s opinion can help you.

Virility EX Doses and Directions

Recommended dose is 2 tablets approximately 20 minutes before love making.

Virility EX Price

  • One Month Test Plan: $49.95(plus $6.95 shipping charge)
  • Three Month Moderate Plan(1 bottle): $79.90
  • Best Selling Five Month Package: $119.85

Virility EX Trial Offer

Virility EX provides a 1 bottle trial offer for its customers. But it has an every month auto shipment program under which 1 bottle of Virility EX will be sent to you every month at the cost of just $49.95.

How is Virility EX Being Delivered?

Virility Ex is discreetly delivered worldwide without any mention of inside product details on the outer packing.

Free delivery is available on 3 and 5 months supply. 1 month supply comes with $6.95 shipping and handling charge.

International order may take 14-21 business days for the delivery while the US residents can expect it within 4-10 business days.

All international orders are shipped by FedEx or local international carrier with tracking. While the US orders are shipped by USPS first class mail.

Virility EX Money Back Guarantee

There is 90 days money back guarantee on every purchase of Virility EX. You can return any unused and unopened supplement within this period.

Shipping and handling charges will not be refunded. Also, its company takes $10 as a restocking fee for every returned bottle.

Virility EX User Reviews & Testimonials

Amazon has got more negative reviews than the positive ones. As we said earlier, other third party websites data is not reliable. So, based on the available reviews we are not in any position to recommend Virility EX to you.

Is Virility EX a Scam?

Virility EX male enhancement pill is not a scam. It does produce some positive results.

However, it is surrounded by some trouble factors like penis enlargement claim and mismatching information on different promoting websites.

Virility EX Pros

  • Natural ingredients.
  • 90 days money back guarantee.

Virility EX Cons

  • The official website is not informative.
  • Many websites are used to promote Virility EX with mismatching claims and ingredients. It makes very difficult to decide about the product.
  • No clinical proof to attest its authenticity and claims.
  • Free trial has auto shipping program.

Where to Buy Virility EX?

Virility Ex is not available in local stores. You can buy it from its official website with 128-bit SSL encryption for secure transactions.

Final Verdict

Varying claims and promises on different promoting websites make us skeptical about this male enhancement product.

It is uncertain how Virility EX going to work towards increasing penis size because neither its ingredients nor the exercise program seems to do so and also no clinical trial is provided to validate such type of claim.

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