XtraSize Review (Truth Revealed): Ingredients, Side Effects, Pros and Cons Exposed!

Warning: Don’t buy XtraSize pills without reading this complete review based on the fully researched information.

XtraSize Overview

As the name suggest “XtraSize” is the male enhancement pill which helps you to increase your penis xtrasizelength and thickness without any pain.

As per the producer of this male enhancement product, it can help to improve erection strength and also assist you to maintain a solid, firm erection for a longer period.

The product also targets on intensifying orgasms, raising libido levels and providing extra energy.


XtraSize Ingredients

It contains natural ingredients which work on the problems of erectile dysfunction(ED) faced by adult men of all ages.

Main Ingredients:

  • Tribulus Terrestris: This plant is a powerful libido booster as it significantly increases testosterone level in your body. It is commonly known for improving potency and bettering erections in men by releasing nitric oxide.
  • Maca Root: It increases the metabolic rate and maintains the proper balance of male hormones. Thereby helps you to stay longer and enhances your sex drive and sexual performance.
  • Saw Palmetto: It boosts sexual urge and optimizes bedroom performance. Even helps to keep your body in good overall condition.

Other Ingredients:

  •   L-Arginine HCl: It is an important amino acid essential for your body to synthesize nitric oxide which expands blood vessel in your dick to increase blood circulation. This in turn, improves the erection quality. Increased blood flow ensures the supply of required nutrients to the penis.
  • Pumpkin Seed: Improves sexual performance and maintain prostate health.
  • Panax Ginseng: It keeps you full of energy to combat fatigue so that you can give good bedroom performance.
  • Sarsaparilla: It is a libido enhancer which also helps to treat infection in urinary tract and prostate.
  • Stinging Nettle: It soothes the problems of an enlarged prostate.
  • Licorice Root: It improves your overall health and bedroom performance.  It also assists to maintain the health of an endocrine system.

How does XtraSize Works?

The expandable tissues and blood vessels play a key role in the erection of the penis. XtraSize pills help these tissues and blood vessels to expand to allow the flow of more blood.

Further, it boosts your libido. When your sex drive is on higher side it is easier for blood to rush towards your dick.

Expanded tissues hold more blood. Thus, in turn, increases the size of the dick. Increased blood flow ensures solid and hard rock erections.

Last but not the least this male enhancement pill improves your sexual performance by raising your energy and stamina.

Is it Backed by Clinical Study?

No clinical study has been published in regard to how this product works (except L-Arginine HCl which is backed by such studies).

XtraSize Side Effects

As all ingredients are natural there are no serious side effects of this male enhancement pill. But you may see some unfavorable results if you are allergic to any ingredient of XtraSize.

If by hard luck you see any allergic reaction then immediately stop using this male enhancement product.

Also, you may come across a minor headache which should not be the reason for rejecting the pill.

Since it increases the blood flow in your body, you are advised to consult your doctor before using it if you have any heart related issue.

Also, people with any other pre existing medical condition should consult the doctor before taking this pill.

Caution: Although XtraSize is made from natural ingredients, above precautions should be taken as it is a supplement for most sensitive part of your body.

XtraSize Claim Vs Result

As per the manufacturer, the key feature of this male enhancement product is its ability to increase the length of your penis.

They call it a penis enlargement formula which permanently adds up to 3 inches to your penis to give you a big dick.

They even don’t talk about any other function of this product to on the official website.

But in reality, it is found to add up to 1 – 1.2 inch when in erected condition. Results will remain as long as you continue to use the supplement.

Unfortunately, there is no male enhancement pill on this planet which can give you a permanent increase in your dipstick size i.e. when your penis is not in aroused condition.

Is XtraSize a Solution to my Problems?

There are many products on the male enhancement market. But the most important question is which one is effective and safe for you?

XtraSize although unable to give 3-inch permanent increase in penis size but an addition of 1-1.2 inch in an erection size is also a good one to have if the small dick is your major problem.

If you don’t feel sexual desire as before and facing a poor erection problem then don’t worry. Even if not claimed on official website, XtraSize can give you a boost in sex drive by increasing testosterone level in your body.

Its ingredients help you achieve bigger and harder erection which can stay for longer duration.

It further improves your overall health by boosting your energy and stamina which can help you perform well while in bed.

Doses and directions

Take one tablet of XtraSize every morning with water. To maximize the result you can take another tablet around 30 min before sex. You are advised to take this treatment at least for 90 days.

Cost of XtraSize

— 1 Bottle (2 Months Supply): $79

— 2bottles (4 Months Supply): $129

— 3 bottles (6 Months Supply): $159

Money Back Guaranty

The manufacturer offers 90 days money back guaranty on unopened bottles of XtraSize if you are not satisfied with the results.

How will it be delivered?

The supplement will be delivered to you in a grey colored discreet box by a suitable courier without writing anything about the product to protect your privacy.

You will be notified about when the product will be delivered so that it will be received by you only. Delivery charge of $25 is applicable.

User Testimonials

Testimonials tell that XtraSize is not a scam and give fairly ok results to the sex related problems.


  • Ingredients are natural and of premium quality.
  • No serious side effects.
  • Ingredients can give positive results to the users with sexual problems like low libido, poor erection quality, small penis and poor stamina.


  • Only testimonials are available. Independent reviews are not available which can be a medium of direct trust.
  • Doesn’t stand to its promise of up to 3-inch result.
  • Easy money back guarantee is not available for this product.
  • No recognized proof of clinical studies and research works are available.
  • Claim on the official website is little confusing as at one point it talks about the permanent result and at another point, it says you need to continue maintenance dose.

Final Verdict

XtraSize is safe and has next to zero side effects, thanks to all natural ingredients. Although, it may not fulfill the promise of up to 3 inches but what it actually delivers is also admirable.

Other offerings of this male enhancement product in regards to erection quality, sex drive, testosterone level, energy and stamina are quite practical.

The only few odd things which may ask you to think are no sufficient evidence of proven and published clinical studies, insufficient independent reviews and confusing claims about permanent results.

Product seems to be comparatively cheaper but if taken twice a day on every second day in addition to daily dose to maximize the result and if shipping charge is considered then it becomes costly.

At such cost, a far better and more promising product is available on the market which gives you zero odd things to doubt. That amazing product is “Male Extra”. Click here to read our review on “Male Extra”. 

Where to buy XtraSize

If you want to give XtraSize a chance then its official site can be the best place to buy it.

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