Andro400 Review: Bad Testosterone Booster?

Warning: Don’t buy before you read this!

What is Andro400?

Andro400 is a dietary supplement used to increase testosterone levels in the male body.

Declining testosterone level is simply a fact of life. Every man has to face this problem and there is no escape.andro400 image

Mostly, men experience the start of testosterone level downfall after the age of 40.  You may begin to find this decrease little earlier or later.

After the age of 30, people may experience the lowering of testosterone level at the rate of around 1% per year.

Testosterone level is directly related to manliness. When it declines you start to lose manhood qualities that you once had.

The things that you used to handle with ease grow to be tougher and tougher. Common symptoms of low testosterone levels are easy weight gain particularly around the abdomen and loss of muscular body.

For many men more irritating symptom are a loss of sex drive, dropping energy and stamina levels, you become moody and easily tired. All these things are natural. But it sucks.

Andro400 Claims

  • Boost Testosterone Levels safely and Naturally
  • Melt Belly Fat
  • Gain Energy
  • Increase Sex Drive and Performance

Does Andro400 really work? Let’s check whether all these promises can really be achieved.

Company behind Andro400

Andro400 is manufactured by Natural Health Concepts. The official website of Andro 400 seems to be very informative. This testosterone booster was launched in 2004. They also produce another version called Andro400 Max. Both the products are very much similar.

What is in Andro400?

This seemingly perfect solution for low testosterone issues contains only one active ingredient called Eurycoma longifolia.

Each pill of Andro400 contains 150mg of pure Eurycoma longifolia radix (root) extract (100:1). It can be used by people below 40.

It is a natural herb found in rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia. From ancient time, it has been used in Asian countries for various medical purposes such as for faster healing, pain relief, boosting libido, increasing energy and testosterone levels.

Andro400 Max is the advanced form of this testosterone booster. It contains two additional ingredients l-arginine and l-citrulline. Both these ingredients are amino acids. These extra ingredients expand the blood vessels to improve blood flow so that nutrients can be absorbed in a good manner.

Andro400 Max contains 250 mg of Eurycoma longifolia root extract (100:1) and is meant for people above the age of 40.

Both the versions (Andro400 & Andro400 Max )of this testosterone booster produce similar effects. The latest version Andro400 Max has additional feature due to extra ingredients.

How Does Andro400 Work and How Well?

Active natural ingredient in Andro400 encourages the hypothalamus to give a signal to the pituitary gland for the production of more testosterone in your body.

It also increases the availability of already present free testosterone for use by your body.

Eurycoma longifolia reduces the amount of testosterone firmly stuck with the sex hormones thus increasing its availability for absorption in tissues and other body functions.

Improved testosterone level increases the sex drive, mood and energy level. It helps you to do heavy workouts in the gym where you can shed that ugly belly fat and build slim and muscular body.

Active ingredient Eurycoma longifolia in Andro400 is used in many other supplements but not as the main ingredient.

For this reason, the manufacturer has used this ingredient in large amount so that it can produce the said results.

The amino acids in Andro400 Max help to achieve the firm erection by increased blood flow through vasodilation. It also contains the comparatively larger dose of active ingredient.

But, both the amino acids has the same function of improving the blood flow. This supplement would have become more versatile and effective by the addition of few more different ingredients.

Andro400 Clinical Studies and Research Work

An official website has given many clinical and scientific references for Andro400.

Andro400 Side Effects

The Andro400 contains is an all-natural blend of ingredients that can safely be used over for a long time up to 9 months without producing harmful side effects or interactions with other medications

Andro400 Precautions

Take advice from your doctor if you have any medical problem as Arginine can interfere with blood thinner medicines and may also reduce blood pressure.

Andro400 Doses and Directions

It is advised to take the dose of 2 capsules per day. You can experience the results in 1month. Each bottle of Andro400 contains 60 capsules.

Andro400 Price

  • 1 bottle of Andro400: $34.95
  • 1 bottle of Andro400 Max: $39.95

Multibuy deals can reduce the cost per bottle.

Andro400 Free Sample

The company doesn’t provide a free sample of Andro400 as it can’t provide the results in short time.

How is Andro400 Being Delivered?

Andro400 is delivered discreetly to maintain your privacy. The shipping is free of cost.  You can also subscribe the auto shipping option for monthly delivery of Andro400 which can be canceled at any time.

Andro400 Money Back Guarantee

With hassle free money back guarantee for 90 days, there is very small space for anything to go wrong.

Andro400 User Reviews & Testimonials

Andro400 has got many positive reviews but most of them talk about only bodybuilding.

Also, it is very much clear from the customer reviews that the product has negligible side effects.

Yes, of course, negative reviews are also there for Andro400 but are completely outnumbered by positive reviews.

But, some reviews also raised the concerns about auto shipment program run by the manufacturer and the difficulty faced in canceling it.

Is Andro400 a Scam?

Andro400 is not a scam.

Andro400 Pros

  • Official website is informative and contains a number of clinical references.
  • 90 days 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Ingredient is natural and there are no side effects

Andro400 Cons

  • Only one active ingredient
  • High price for single active ingredient
  • Results are very slow

Where to Buy Andro400?

You can order Andro400 from its official website. It is not available at local stores.

Final Verdict

Andro400 has claimed too many benefits out of a single active ingredient.

Its senior version does contain additional ingredients in the form of two amino acids but, their function is different from boosting testosterone levels.

However, there is a clinical evidence to support its active ingredient Eurycoma Longifolia when taken in optimum amount, as present in Andro400. Also, it is safe for many people and has got good reviews.

Still, we must add that its results are slower due to single active ingredient and it cannot be called as the best testosterone booster.