Super Male Vitality Review: Legit T- Booster or Vitality Tonic, What’s It?

What is Super Male Vitality?

Super Male Vitality is an organic testosterone enhancer which offers with superb results.Super Male Vitality

It is engineered to magnify the levels of testosterone potently and naturally in order to build your physique that you are aiming for.

Well researched and tested by health specialists, this supplement promises in building your muscles much faster without causing any side effect.

Super Male Vitality Claims

  • Regain natural testosterone levels in your body
  • Stimulate libido and sex drive
  • Enhance vitality, energy and overall wellness
  • Assist to build healthy, muscular and fit body

Company behind Super Male Vitality

This testosterone booster is designed by Dr. Edward group of the Global Healing Center for Infowars Life, the brand operated by renowned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

It sounds interesting but can it really deliver the promises made?? Let’s take a closer look.

Ingredients and Working Process

Unlike other products available in the market, this dietary supplement is designed with potent and holistic ingredients that you can trust for safe and effective results.

Let’s take a look at what are those powerful and natural ingredients.

Maca Root

The supplement containing Maca can help to increase sex drive and improve mood.

It may increase fertility in men and boost sports performance. It enhances vitality by increasing your energy level.

However, Maca does not provide promising help to raise testosterone levels as most of the related studies are small and not done on the human.

Ashwaganda Root

Ashwaganda can bring down anxiety and stress, assist you to overcome depression, enhance fertility and testosterone in men, and may even increase brain performance.

It could be highly effective for male hormone level and reproductive health. It has been clinically proven to increase testosterone levels in men.

It also assists to increase muscle mass and strength.

Tribulus Terrestris Fruit

This ingredient does not produce the testosterone but has a great role in terms of increasing the response to free testosterone in the human body.

Suma Root

Suma root can increase energy in your body and is termed as “Russian Secret” as being used by Russian athletes for increasing the performance.

However, there is no strong evidence related to hormone production.

People use it as an adaptogen to tolerate the stress and increase sex drive.

Avena Sativa Root

It is commonly known as Oats Straw. This ingredient has a different and important approach.

There is a possibility that your body might have a good amount of testosterone but in bounded form.

To see the magical effect of testosterone in terms of increasing muscle mass, strength, sex drive and feeling of youthfulness this bounded testosterone must be made free.

Avena Sativa does exactly the same function of freeing the bounded testosterone so that it can be readily available in the bloodstream.

Tongkat Ali Root

Tongkat Ali Root has a good clinical support to boost testosterone levels in men. It supports male fertility, increases libido and even muscle mass.

Muira Puama Bark

It is an aphrodisiac and known for its libido boosting properties. It has no known effect in terms of increasing the testosterone in men body.

Catuaba Bark

It is mainly used to increase the vitality and male sexual arousal.

Fulvic acid

It improves digestive health and immune function of the body. It increases the nutrients absorption and improves detoxification.

Does Super Male Vitality Work & How Well?

This testosterone booster contains premium ingredients but we can’t find out its exact effectiveness as the manufacturer does not disclose the quantity of each ingredient used in the formula.

The supplement has not taken effective measures to tackle the rising estrogen problems when your age increases.

An addition of vitamin B, D and Zinc could have been of great help to fight this issue.

Also, there is no D-Aspartic Acid which has a key role in generating various hormones that increase overall strength, stamina, lean muscles, sex drive and metabolism.

Super male vitality has a good potential to increase the energy levels, vitality and sex drive if the said ingredients are used in the proper amount which is not mentioned.

However, it lacks few things to give you potential results in terms of great testosterone booster.

Super Male Vitality Clinical Studies and Research Work

The official website states that this testosterone booster is an outcome of 6 years research made by health experts.

But, Super male vitality doesn’t enclose any evidence validating this claim.

Super Male Vitality Side Effects

This testosterone booster does not contain GMOs (genetically modified ingredients), harmful additives and gluten and hence you can rest assured for safety.

Super Male Vitality Doses and Directions

Super Male Vitality comes in liquid form. Its one serving consists of two droppers.

You are advised to take two servings daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon at around 3 oclock.

Super Male Vitality Price

One bottle of Super Male Vitality testosterone booster is sold at $69.95. Including discount, you may get it at $59.95.

This one bottle contains 48 servings and can last for 24 days means per serving cost is $1.25.

Multibuy options are always there at discounted rate. You can choose suitable buying option as per your need.

How is Super Male Vitality Being Delivered?

This testosterone booster is available for international order but there are lot of things that you have to check on yourself like import restrictions, prohibited import items, taxes, tariffs, fees and other duties.

Super Male Vitality Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer does not offer any money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

Super Male Vitality User Reviews & Testimonials

Super Male Vitality appears to be tried by many customers as you can find approximately 3000 reviews on the official website and around 80 on Amazon.

The majority of customers are in support of this testosterone booster. However, there are significant numbers of poorly rated reviews as well.

Is Super Male Vitality a Scam?

Well, for this supplement, the result of may vary from person to person but, we can confidently declare that this testosterone booster is not a scam.

Super Male Vitality Pros

  • The supplement is in the liquid form. If you don’t like pills or capsules then it can be a nice alternative.
  • Only natural ingredients are used and no GMOs, hazardous additives and gluten.
  • Many positive reviews.

Super Male Vitality Cons

  • The exact amount of each ingredient is not disclosed.
  • The supplement contains only a few testosterone boosting ingredients and many sex drive enhancing ingredients.
  • From user reviews, it appears that the results may vary from person to person.
  • Expensive product.

Where to Buy Super Male Vitality?

This testosterone booster can be easily purchased through official website of Infowars Life and other trusted online retailer like Amazon.

Final Verdict

Super Male Vitality is a dietary supplement or a better word to describe it will be a tonic that can increase your energy, vitality and sexual health.

It may increase testosterone levels to some degree but lacks few ingredients to give the best T-support needed for body building and to overcome the unwanted effects of aging.

Hence, we don’t have potential reasons to recommend Super Male Vitality to our readers.

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