In-Depth Testogen Review: Side Effects and Results Exposed!

Warning: Don’t buy Testogen until you read the fact about it.

Overview on Testogen

TestoGen is a “Testosterone” Generator which is a vital hormone in the male body.

This testosterone booster supplement is a natural, risk-free method to increase the male body’s resources to boost testosterone production and assist its effective utilization, to feel and look healthier fast.official website

Manufacturer of Testogen

Testogen is manufactured and distributed by WOLFSON BERG LTD, a highly reputed company, relied upon by sports athletes and bodybuilders for unrivaled quality, effectiveness and safety.testogen

The group is successfully leading the health supplement industry for more than a decade.

They manufacture Testogen with front-runner and well-researched formula in FDA approved facilities by using 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

They have a panel of experienced nutritionist, exercise specialists, and physicians continuously working to ensure their products are safe, effective and affordable.


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Why do You Need to Take Testogen?

Testogen help generates testosterone hormone that makes you a complete Man, sought after by every woman.

It is important to understand that this hormone begins to develop even before your birth, its level reaches to peak point in your puberty, thereafter drops down considerably with age and you begin to realize that you are getting older.

As you grow older, with declining testosterone level, it gets more difficult to perform at your very best.

If this hormone starts disappearing rapidly, it makes you feel older before you actually get. So disgusting! Isn’t it? Just don’t accept this! You can get it back and enjoy the life again with Testogen.

Below graph demonstrates the journey of this hormone with your age.


Low or reducing testosterone level is a tragic fact that you are getting older. It can strike you very badly.

Just a few of its symptoms are likely to make you feel unhappy with your body and life. They normally include:

  • Irritability, depression, tiredness and lack of motivation in most things.
  • Increasing body fat.
  • Body is not toned up as before.
  • Reduced stamina and energy level.
  • Lack of sex drive and bedroom performance not up to the mark.
  • Shorter gym sessions and muscle development have become more limited.
  • Reduced concentration and memory at work or play and lack of competitiveness in day to day life at different levels.

In simple words, life isn’t exactly what it was in the past and it is not going to be any better.

Unknowing the exact reason you might be blaming it on your job, stress, age, family background or even the weather.

Do you really want to let it continue? Definitely no! The time has come to do something about it.

There are two ways to correct this issue – a hormone replacement therapy and T-booster oral supplement.

The problem is, hormone replacement therapy is very costly and has got a number of side effects.

On the other hand, if you pick the right testosterone booster like Testogen, you can be ensured that your low testosterone problem will be solved.

High-quality T-booster supplement is simple and more effective than hormone replacement. It’s so simple with Testogen.

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TestoGen Results

Testogen increases natural production of testosterone in your body and break down the problems caused by its deficiency in a natural and easy way.

It targets these symptoms and gives you following astonishing physical and mental results.

  • Increases sex drive sharply and help you perform in the bedroom like in the past.
  • Help burn excess fat especially around belly by pushing up your body’s metabolic rate.
  • Melt away irritability and tiredness.
  • Improves memory and concentration which sharpens your performance both physically and mentally.
  • Your depression goes away and motivation comes back.
  • Increases your energy level and boost stamina.
  • Helps you hit a gym harder and longer with better results.
  • Defines the new limit to increase your muscle size and helps you get a hunky body.
  • Gives strengthened muscle mass and leaner muscle to unleash the real man within you.
  • Even reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.

You can see the results depending on the gravity of the testosterone deficiency. Within a week or so, you can see the improved vitality, mood and focus.

If you are only interested in body building then you may have to wait for four to six weeks with hard training to see the difference.

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Which ingredients produce all these results? Keep reading below.

What’s in Testogen?

For more effective and safer result a blend of premium quality natural ingredients is used in Testogen.  Just take a look at these:

D-Aspartic Acid (2000mg)

It regulates amino acids in your body and generates various hormones including luteinizing hormone.

This encourages the generation of testosterone and enables in developing lean muscle and an overall rise in the strength and stamina.

It also kicks on metabolism and fires up your sex drive.

Fenugreek (200mg)

It is a wonderful natural herb whose seed is known for its libido and testosterone boosting properties.

It improves your strength stamina and vitality in a very safe and natural manner by promoting the insulin generation which helps increase muscles.

Fenugreek also offers strong antioxidant features to protect your body from those harmful free-radicals so that you can work efficiently.

Ginseng Extract (250mg)

It is a perfect libido booster which protects the testes from damage by dioxins, encouraging strong erections.

It is extracted from a root of the plant and being a famous aphrodisiac, is widely known as “man root”. It also gives a boost to physical stamina, endurance, mental sharpness, energy and increases nitric oxide levels in the body.

Nitric oxide increases energy availability and glucose breakdown, assist in reducing fatigue during high rep-workout and shortens recovery time after a heavy workout.

In simple words it improves your physical, mental and sexual health, making you ready to tackle anything.

Selenium (45.2mcg)

This multipurpose mineral is derived from the earth crust. It helps antioxidants to work efficiently so that your body becomes healthy by eliminating toxins from the body.

It controls the blood pressure if it is on a higher side. Further, it assists to carry out various important processes in your body smoothly.

Tribulus Terrestris (300mg)

It is an ancient herb recognized for its testosterone-boosting attributes and its potential to help build muscles and reproductive tissues. It is very popular in traditional Asian medicines for centuries.

Vitamin B

Testogen contains three types of vitamin B: B2(20mg), B5(12mg), and B6(56mg). These are organic compound essential for good health.

Vitamin B2 also known as Riboflavin helps in energy production.  B5 (calcium pantothenate) helps to release steroid hormone cortisol, which eventually boosts your energy.

B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) support amino acid metabolism and help to generate feel-good compound “seretonin” in your brain which improves your mood.

Vitamin D (10mcg)

Testogen uses vitamin D3, chloecalciferol. It enhances your free testosterone level floating in the blood stream and decelerates the rate of testosterone converting into oestrogen.

This oestrogen is not good for male health. Reduced muscle tone, a loss in body hair, shrinking testes, depression, tiredness, reduced energy levels, weak memory, lower stress tolerance, a rise in belly fat and erectile dysfunction are some of the drawbacks of increased oestrogen levels in your body.

Zinc Gluconate (72mg)

It is a globally known aphrodisiac and an excellent testosterone booster. It is also vital to maintain the health of your sperm and assist in various body functions to work properly.

Zinc stops aromatase enzyme from converting testosterone into estrogen. It is also a significant ingredient for muscle growth and overall health.

Your body can lose zinc through sweat. It is necessary to maintain your zinc level if you are hitting a gym or involved in any physical activity that makes you sweat.

Testogen Side Effects

Testogen has zero side effects. Simply no need to speak anything else.

Having said that, it will worth to be cautious and consult the doctor if you have any pre-existing medical condition or currently taking any medicine.

Further, this formula is not recommended for use by men below 18 and above 60 years of age.

Are Testogen’s Claims Backed by any Proof?

There has been numerous medical research associated with ingredients of Testogen over the years. So you can rest assured for getting good and safe results.

How Testogen is Superior to Other Products?

If you start searching for the most efficient testosterone booster available on the market, you will find the variety of products.

Some are effective while others just a wastage of money. Some may sound better as if they are the best option but only to discover later that you were fooled by a well-planned marketing campaign.

Hence you must understand that a T-booster can only be referred as superior if it possesses an ideal combination to offer the best results.

Over the years Testogen has become a branded product known for its purity, affordability, simplicity and quality, as well as its proven great results.

It’s pure, natural and premium ingredients means you can rest assured for safety. Many of the other testosterone boosters use risky ingredients for quick results.

Some of them contain unproven contents in the wrong combination without any clinical backup.

official website

Is Testogen a solution for me?

A Big Yes! This natural testosterone booster can be highly effective if you are passionate about bodybuilding and endurance events or having a low sex drive and related issues in the bedroom.

It is widely used by athletes of all kind and in fact by people just like you involved in any activity that requires strength and stamina.

Testogen consists of absolute natural and safe ingredients but due to different laws, some ingredients may be banned in some countries.

If you are a part of some sports or competitive activity then check the concerned authority in your country about taking a supplement. However, all its ingredients are accepted in US, Canada and UK.

Be strong. Be stimulated. Be sharp.

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Is Testogen a Scam?

How can a genuine and world class T-booster be a scam? Impossible! Testogen is manufactured and distributed by a reputed company which provides good customer support and services.

All online transactions are encrypted through 128-bit secure socket layer.

Backed by science, Proven by good results and Trust earned through independent positive reviews by customers across the globe on trusted websites and forum have taken this natural testosterone booster to a different level.

Doses and Directions

You are advised to take 1 capsule with the meal, four times a day.

It is advised so because if you space out the doses instead of taking all 4 capsules at a time you will get better results as your body will get required nutrients after sufficient interval of time and will be absorbed better.

You can take these natural testosterone booster pills as long you want and there is no such limit.

However, you are advised to take a break for a couple of weeks after few months otherwise your body will get used to with spoon feeding and may become lazy in doing the things on its own.

You don’t need to change your diet but with optimal diet and exercise, these pills can give you unbelievable results.

What is the cost of Testogen?

Testogen comes with following three affordable combinations of pricing which are second to none.

  • Mini pack – 1 Bottle (1 month Supply with 120Capsules): $ 54.95
  • Medium pack – 2 Bottles + 1 bottle free (3 month Supply with 360 Capsules): $119.95
  • Large pack (Big Discount Deal) – 3 Bottles + 2 bottle free + free E-book + free muscle tea(5 month Supply with 600 Capsules): $179.95

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Better to go for a combo pack to avail huge savings.

Money back guaranty

Driven by the confidence in its product and services Testogen offers you a 60 days money back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the results, just simply return the empty bottles along with unused bottles in the original container within 67 days (60 days trial plus 7 days return shipping).

You will be refunded with 100% of the product price – excluding shipping charges.

Mode of Delivery

Testogen offers fast and free shipping all over the world. The product is delivered in discreet packing without any sign that can identify the content. Depending on your address product will be delivered within the time ranging from 24 hours to 7 days.


  • So many positive results as mentioned above in considerably shorter period of time
  • A value for money product manufactured by a reputed group.
  • Comes at more than reasonable price and huge savings on combo packs. This makes Testogen available for all class of people.
  • Easy 60 days money back guaranty with 100% refund
  • No side effect with FDA approved pharma grade natural ingredients.
  • Easy to take doses with faster results.
  • Safe and effective alternative to steroids that may give harmful side effects


  • Not recommended for men below 18 and above 60 years old.
  • Product is available online only.
  • Results are faster but not overnight.

Where to buy Testogen

For ease and safety, we recommend you to purchase Testogen from official website where you will be assured of safe online transactions, genuine product, hassle free services and good customer support.

Final Verdict

So far it has been the best natural testosterone booster on a widespread market due to its powerful, effective and natural ingredients of highest quality.

With almost zero side effects, numerous positives and 60 days 100% money back guarantee you have nothing to lose! What are you waiting for?  Just go for it! It will definitely turn the clock back for you!

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