African Mango Review 2017: Great Weight Loss Product or Just Hype? Truth Exposed!

Honest and Complete Review

Warning: Don’t buy African Mango before reading this review.

What is African Mango?

African Mango is a recent addition which has been attracting enormous attention in the dieting world hit by an obesity epidemic.African Mango image

Latin name of African Mango tree is Irvingia gabonensis (IG).

This tree is found in Central and West Africa and yields a fruit similar to a mango, nicknamed African Mango, dika nut, wild mango or bush mango.

From 100’s of years African people are eating this fruit as a part of regular diet. But, it is the inner seed or nut that contains purportedly effective weight loss formula.

The seed extract is commercially made available in powder, liquid and capsule form and is exclusively sold online.

Most of the African Mango weight loss products also feature additional ingredients like Green Tea Extract and some other antioxidants to speed up the weight loss process.

African Mango has earned a big fame particularly after being endorsed by US TV doctor, Dr. Oz. But, can this weight loss supplement stand tall and live up to its hype?

We really like that it is a natural product but, read on to know everything….

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Company behind African Mango

African Mango weight loss supplement is manufactured by Applied Nutritional Research LLC.

They sell pure African Mango Extract directly from Cameroon, Africa. An official website of African Mango is not much informative. They have not explained the working process the product.

African Mango Claims

  • Melt Belly Fat and Trim Waistlines
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Reduce cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Reduce the growth of fat cells
  • Improve blood sugar control
  • Flush toxins from your body

African Mango Ingredient and Working Process

Main Active ingredient of most of the African Mango supplements is African Mango itself. However, few of them contain other ingredients like Green Tea Extract depending on the manufacturer.

The high fiber content of the African Mango seed is the key behind its working process.

Its fiber binds with bile acid in the intestine and takes it out of the body. This Causes body to transform more cholesterol into bile acid thereby reducing cholesterol level in the blood.

High fiber content of this weight loss product keeps your stomach full before and after meals with no feeling of hunger for hours, allowing you to reduce food intake.

Proper exercise plan and well managed healthy diet with suppressed appetite force your body to burn stored fat to meet the energy needs.

Its fiber swells in the digestive tract when taken with plenty of water and forms bulky and softer stool. This softer and bigger stool can remove the toxins on the surface of the intestinal tract.

But, Does African Mango Really Work and How Well?

The ability if this weight loss supplement is mostly based on its fiber content.

The relation between fibers from fruits and weight control is age-old. But, mere fiber intake can’t assure the desired result for everyone.

Many fruits contain fiber which can help to control the cholesterol and blood lipid levels. Hence this purported benefit of the “amazing superfruit” African Mango is not new.

African Mango can be notably useful for those aiming to reduce their appetite and cut out snacks and cravings, which may come up the whole day.

However, to result appetite control into some weight loss you need to eat good healthy food and do regular exercise.

Looking at the effectuality of an ingredient in this weight loss product it seems that you have to play the major part through regular exercising and proper diet.

African Mango Clinical Studies

There are few small scientific studies available to explain the efficacy of this weight loss supplement. However, most of the studies have been said to be funded by the supplement makers.

When the reports of ineffectiveness are considered, the independent large scale research becomes necessary to validate the authenticity of the product.

African Mango Side Effects

The good part of this weight loss supplement is that no intolerable adverse effects have been stated or reported.

This product is made from the extract of the fruit which has been a part of the regular diet of certain African tribes.

Possible side effects of mild nature that can occur due to overdosing are headache, GI complaints, dry mouth, sleep disturbance, and flu-like symptoms.

African Mango Dosage and Directions

Take each capsule of African mango thrice daily around 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If the product contains additional ingredients then follow the instructions on the label.

African Mango Precautions

This weight loss formula is extremely safe. Still, we suggest you contact your doctor to know its reactions with your current medication or health problem if you have.

African Mango Price

As we told there are many African Mango supplements. So, depending on the product the prices may vary.

On official website 1 bottle of plain African Mango is sold at $19.95. You can also opt for a multybuy offer for discounted rate.

African Mango Free Trial

An official website doesn’t provide any free trial of this weight loss product.

African Mango Money back Guaranty

Manufacturer provides 60 days money back guarantee on African Mango weight loss product bought from an official website.

How is African Mango being Delivered?

To get the free express shipping use the coupon code “MANGO” at checkout.

Where to buy African Mango?

Weight loss market is full of counterfeit African Mango products. So, we recommend you to buy it from an official website.

African Mango Customer Reviews & Testimonials

The first thing we spotted from the customer reviews is many of them reporting African Mango just didn’t work.

Few frustrated users complained about side effects during an initial phase of taking this weight loss supplement.

We also found some pleasant comments where customers noticed good control on appetite and lost considerable weight while taking African Mango with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Positives of African Mango

  • Highly tolerable and safe with just single active ingredient.
  • Through cholesterol and blood lipid control it takes care of overall health.
  • African Mango comes at affordable price.
  • Pure African Mango (without other ingredients) gives almost zero side effects.

 Negatives of African Mango

  • Not so effective as compared with other weight loss products.
  • As per independent reviews weight loss results are too much dependent on diet and workout.

African Mango Scam

African Mango is backed by both clinical trials and practical use as a traditional food by certain tribes in West Africa. So, there is no question of scam.

As its function is mostly dependent on fiber content and doesn’t contain any other fast acting ingredient, people without positive weight loss results are found to claiming it a scam.

Final Verdict

African Mango is one of the appealing weight loss products available in the market. While it does suppress appetite but effective weight loss depends on dedicated exercise and healthy diet.

With minimum or no side effects, African Mango is a safe dieting option which can clean toxic materials in your intestine and can also reduce cholesterol level.

However, these are secondary benefits and here you probably be looking for good weight loss solution. There are other products in the market which can produce better weight loss results.phenq banner