Almased Review: Does This Product Really Work?

What is Almased?

Almased is an extremely simple and easy weight loss supplement in a powdered form that can be taken as a substitute for your daily food containing both good and bad stuff for your health.almased

The supplement is made from a distinct fermentation process and can be used for weight loss and overall good health.

The supplement can be purchased from many online stores including Amazon with free shipping. However, it lacks money back guarantee.

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Almased Claims & Benefits

  • Amplifies the metabolic rate and energy levels.
  • Cut down the body fat.
  • Keeps your stomach full to avoid hunger.
  • Provides fast and easy weight reduction without disturbing the nutritional balance of the body.

Company behind Almased

The company behind Almased is Almased Inc., a German company started by Hubertus Trouillé, a scientist and holistic therapist.

This weight loss supplement was formulated around 3 decades ago. Now, it has grown to the international presence.

What is in Almased?

Unlike other artificial products, which include harmful fillers and stimulants, Almased is an exception.

The wonderful thing about Almased is its simplicity, as it contains only 3 ingredients as under which are fully organic and good for natural health.

  • Non Genetically Modified Soy
  • Yogurt
  • Honey with Abundant Enzymes

Does Almased Really Work & How Well?

Being a meal replacement therapy, Almased restricts the daily calorie intake and help promote weight loss.

The metabolism boosting properties help burn the excess calories and avoid them from being converted into fat cells.

The systematic exercise plan with Almased diet can really help to burn the excess fat from your body.

The high protein content and nutrients in Almased support the muscle mass along with overall good health.

However, generally, it becomes little difficult for some people to stick with Almased shake as a meal replacement for a long duration due to its poor flavor.

Almased Clinical Studies and Research Work

The official website of Almased very proudly speaks about 15 years scientific research supporting the weight loss results of Almased, but they have not given any proof of any kind of scientific studies.

Almased Side Effects

As we already mentioned above that the producers of Almased didn’t include any harmful ingredient for quick results, you can put this supplement in the category of safe deals.

Almased Doses and Directions

Drink the Almased shake using 50gm supplement with 10-12 oz plain water. For maximum results follow the instructions on the label carefully.

Almased Price

Almased is an exceptionally costly product with 30 servings costing $81.99. Now just imagine the cost if you opted for 2 serving daily. Of course, it is going to hit your bank account.

Almased Pros

  • Almased is very good for improving the general health and fitness.
  • The supplement actually reduces weight and support muscle mass without any side effect.

Almased Cons

  • Most of the people complained about its poor taste.
  • Comes at a very high price.

Final Verdict

High price & poor taste remains as the practical concerns about Almased, else the product is good and there is no doubt about its effectiveness since there are many positive feedbacks from the ex-users.

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