Quadralean Review: Does This Product Really Work and How Well?

What is Quadralean?

This is a realistic review article of the fat burning pill Quadralean. It reveals every aspect of Quadralean for you to make some easy decision.quadralean image

Let we clearly mention that this article by any way is not associated with the manufacturer of the product.

Quadralean is a brand of dietary supplement which claims to raise metabolism, suppress appetite and support fat loss and lean muscle mass.

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Company behind Quadralean

Quadralean is manufactured by Miami based American firm RSP Nutrition founded in 2009.

Although, an official website is professionally made, doesn’t contain the detailed information about product’s ingredients and possible side effects.

It only declares the ingredients names and their amounts.

What is in Quadralean?

Quadralean contains following natural ingredients.

CLA 500 mg

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a type of chemical. Milk products and beef are the rich sources of CLA.

CLA can reduce the body fat and a feeling of hunger. It obstructs the production of enzyme called lipoprotien lipase which helps the accumulation of fat in the body by transferring the fat in the blood back to the fat cell.

Additionally, CLA increases the level of good cholesterol in the blood and can control the blood sugar level.

Quadralean Carnitine Blend (Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Propionyl-L-Carnitine and Carnitine Tartrate) 500 mg

Carnitine is the key component in this weight loss supplement. This ingredient helps your body to produce energy.

It helps to improve athletic performance and endurance by reducing the tissue damage and assisting the fast muscle recovery.

We guess Carnitine present in the formula to work somewhat like stimulant as it increases the energy level in the body. But, this effect is greatly experienced by Carnitine deficient people.

If you are a healthy person then you may feel negligible boost in the energy, but it keeps your energy at optimum level while exercising and support your fat burning efforts.

However, this ingredient can be of good help for those who are undergoing heavy workouts in the gym.

Garcinia Cambogia 500 mg

It is a tropical fruit, popular for weight loss. The main ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia fruit responsible weight loss is hydroxycitric acid(HCA).

In some studies, it has shown a positive effect in boosting fat burning process and suppressing appetite. It can hinder the production of an enzyme called citrate lyase, which is used for generating fat in your body.

It also increases the levels of serotonin, the chemical in the brain which may reduce your feeling of hunger.

This ingredient is found useful in reducing sugar and cholesterol level in your body.

But, if you are already taking a prescription medicine for these problems then avoid the intake of Garcinia Cambogia as it may increase the effects of medicines beyond the safe level.

Raspberry Ketones 250 mg

Raspberry ketone is an organic compound which provides a strong fragrance to red raspberries. This component can also be found in small amounts in cranberries, blackberries, and kiwis.

This chemical is said to assist weight loss. It influences the Adiponectin hormone which can speed up the fat burning process and suppress appetite at a faster rate.

How Does Quadralean Work?

Ingredients of Quadralean suppress the appetite causing you consume less calorie. When you hit the gym and perform your daily activities with low calorie food, the stored fat remains as the only source to fill the gap between supply and demand of energy.

Your body starts the breakdown of stored fat and its speed is boosted by the ingredients of this weight loss supplement.

Quadralean further prevents the carbohydrates to convert into fat in the body.

But, Does Quadralean Really Work and How Is It Different Than Other Fat Burners?

Generally, most of the weight loss products compulsorily contain stimulants because of their excellent mood and energy boosting benefits which keep your tempo under control while on heavy workout with less calorie intake.

But, some people are allergic to these stimulants and experience some side effects. For such people, Quadralean is intentionally made without using any stimulant.

This stim-free nature gives Quadralean a unique touch but reduces its effectiveness. Results can vary with every individual depending on the intensity of weight loss diet and exercise.

Although, Quadralean has become famous in very short time and got considerable positive reviews but as a neutral party we would like to put up some shortfalls about its ingredients as follows.

Metabolism boosting effects of Raspberry Ketone were studied on animals. However, it must be noted that its potentials as a weight loss ingredient have very little scientific evidence when taken by the human. All the popularity of Raspberry Ketone is increased by Dr Oz Show.

Garcinia Cambogia has been a popular weight loss ingredient due to some studies supporting its weight loss properties.

But its actual results are not so impressive. An article listed in the Journal of Obesity proves this fact.

It tells that volunteers participating in the studies on Garcinia Cambogia experienced very small weight loss. Also, they took the supplement along with regular exercise program and low calorie diet.

This indicates that Garcinia Cambogia can’t produce huge weight loss.

CLA and Carnitine are comparatively good weight loss ingredients, however; Quadralean doesn’t seem to be powerful enough to produce excellent weight loss results for those who are not working out daily.

Quadralean Clinical Studies and Research Work

For us, this section is very important because scientific study and practical trial is something which helps us to believe the product. The official QuadraLean website claims the supplement is “scientifically formulated” to assist fat loss. But, we couldn’t detect any scientific studies supporting the claims of the manufacturer.   

Quadralean Side Effects

This is where Quadralean actually leaves its biggest impression because no one wants to risk his/her health for burning some fat.

Yes, there are some people without any positive result from this weight loss supplement but you can hardly find any complaint for side effects.

It may be because of simple and short list of natural ingredients without the use of stimulants.

Quadralean Precautions

  • Avoid more than 6 capsules within a day.
  • Breast feeding or pregnant women should not use this weight loss supplement.
  • If you are taking any medicine then also avoid using Quadralean.

Quadralean Doses and Directions

Recommended dosage of Quadralean is 2 serving each day on an empty stomach. Each serving contains three capsules.

Quadralean Price

Amazon offers 1 bottle (150 capsules) of Quadralean at $18.22.

Quadralean Money Back Guarantee

This weight loss supplement doesn’t offer money back guarantee.

Quadralean User Reviews & Testimonials

If you want to take the help of customer reviews before deciding on any product then trusted third party websites like Amazon can give you unbiased opinion.

For Quadralean, majority of reviews on Amazon suggest of a positive result if taken along with rigorous exercise and a good diet.

Some people are particularly happy for its stimulant free formula.

Is Quadralean a Scam?

Surely, this weight loss supplement is not a scam. So many customer reviews support this fact.

Quadralean Pros

  • Ingredients list is short and simple.
  • Supplement is very affordable.
  • No stimulant in the formula.

Quadralean Cons

  • Not a powerful supplement.
  • Daily dosage (6 capsules) is too big.
  • No money back guarantee

Where to Buy Quadralean?

You can get the best deal on this weight loss product on Amazon.com and bodybuilding.com. It is also sold through its official website. An official website also helps you to find nearest store which sells Quadralean.

Final Verdict

After studying this fat burner thoroughly, we can say that expecting a tremendous result will not do justice with Quadralean.

Its stimulant free formula seems to be safe, affordable and can attract the people allergic to stimulants. Still, we are little upset with the manufacturer for not providing the scientific studies and money back guarantee.

In fact, it will be wise to say that company has designed this formula especially for those who avoid weight loss supplements due to the presence of stimulants.

However, such people who have a prior experience of using fast acting formula with caffeine or similar stimulants can find Quadralean as less effective.

A sensible amount of stimulant like caffeine can be a key to the good fat burner and no alternative can match its results.

If you are looking for an ultimate weight loss product with powerful ingredients which provide the multifaceted approach towards weight loss then there is an array of such products.

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