Redotex Review: Weight Loss, Side Effects & More..

What is Redotex?

In this obesity hit world, people are dying to lose weight. They want a slim and chiseled body like a celebrity and are always ready to take any kind of risk to get it quickly with minimum efforts.Redotex image

We are talking all these things in reference to one such weight loss product called Redotex.

Redotex is a prescription type weight loss supplement in capsule form.

Redotex is marketed by means of the internet as an extreme weight loss pill that can assist you shed 6 pounds in just one week.

Redotex is boasted to be the quickest and easiest means of losing weight. But, due to marketing tricks sometimes it becomes hard to identify a good product.

This independent review will help you understand what Redotex exactly can offer.

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Redotex Claims

  • Suppress appetite
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Burn Fat
  • Lose up to 6 pounds in a week without including diet and exercise.

Company behind Redotex

Redotex is exclusively manufactured in Mexico by the pharmaceutical company called Medix.

This product has no official website and is banned for its sale in the US for the safety concerns. But, people are so crazy for this weight loss product that it is illegally imported in the US.

What is in Redotex?

This weight loss pill is made with powerful stimulants, tranquilizer, laxative and thyroid hormone.


Tri-iodothyronine (75 mcg)

Overview: Tri-iodothyronine is a thyroid hormone known as T3, naturally produced in the human body.

Function: It impacts almost all the physiological processes in your body, such as metabolism, heart rate, body temperature, growth and development etc.

When the basal metabolic rate increases, your body consumes more oxygen and energy. This basal metabolic rate is the minimum energy requirement of your body when at rest condition.

T3 increases the basal metabolic rate and hence you may experience weight loss with little or no exercise.

Scientific support: Its use in weight loss supplement is based on the results of several studies on rats which indicate that this ingredient can increase the metabolism and burning of adipose fat tissue.

Possible health Risks: T3 is a most important thyroid hormone that controls entire body and the generation of other hormones. Hence, it can be very dangerous if taken unnecessarily without the consult of the doctor.

Atropine sulfate (0.36 mg)

Overview: Atropine sulfate is a chemical used to treat certain medical conditions.

Function: It increases the resting heart rate and impacts parasympatholytic nervous system. It also acts as a respiratory stimulant to treat allergies. Increased heart rate may cause a boost in resting metabolism.

Scientific support: This ingredient also has some other medical uses but there is very little clinical evidence to support its effect on weight loss.

Possible health Risks: The most common side effects with atropine sulphate include dryness of the mouth, flushing of the skin, difficulty passing urine (water), producing less sweat than normal, dilation of the pupils and blurred vision, dizziness and confusion.

Norpseudophedrine (50 mcg)

Overview: Norpseudophedrine is also known as d-norpseudoephedrine HCl and sold under many brand names. Basically, it’s a pharmaceutical drug that is mainly used as a diet pill.

Function: It can assist overweight and obese people to lose weight by suppressing their appetite. This ingredient can show good result when used with controlled calorie diet and good exercise regimen.

Scientific support: This ingredient has been scientifically proven to produce weight loss results but studies also suggest that it can be risky for health.

Possible health Risks: Continuous consumption of this ingredient over 4 weeks time is not recommended as it may cause sweating, vomiting, nausea, headache, giddiness, palpitation, thirst, dry mouth, insomnia and restlessness.

Aloin (16.2 mg)

Overview: Aloin is a natural chemical derived from the yellow colored juice just below the outer skin of Aloe Vera plant leaves.

Function: It has powerful laxative properties which can reduce weight. But, it can’t result into fat loss. Instead, it only can reduce water weight through going to the toilet.

Scientific support: We don’t find any scientific or clinical study which supports the direct use of Aloin as a weight loss ingredient.

Possible health Risks: Laxative properties of Aloin may cause serious cramping and purging of the intestines leading to excessive dehydration and electrolyte loss. It is banned by FDA for use without a prescription.

Diazepam (8 mg)    

Overview: Diazepam is also known as Valium. It is a depressant that produces calming effects. It is used to tackle panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, and symptoms of acute alcohol withdrawal.

Function: Diazepam may help to reduce calorie intake as a result of some side effects associated with it.

Scientific support: There is insufficient scientific data to support weight loss properties of Diazepam.

Possible health Risks: People taking Diazepam may experience constipation, shakiness and unsteady gait.

Does Redotex Work and How Safely?

Redotex contains Tri-iodothyronine which can increase the metabolic rate even when you are resting on the bed. Thus, it can help you burn more calories with minimum efforts than storing them as a fat.

Norpseudophedrine curbs your craving for food meaning you eat less even when your favorite dish is before you. But, it’s a short term solution due to side effects.

Laxative effects of Aloin can help to reduce water weight in your body through more frequent bowel movement. This may be a quick solution but not a correct way of losing weight.

Other ingredients may or may not work for everyone due to lack of clinical support. Almost, all the ingredients are linked with some sort of health risk.

In simple words, Redotex boost metabolism, suppress an appetite, increase heart rate and reduce water content in the body to result into a confirm and quick weight loss at the cost of some side effects associated with its ingredients.

Redotex Clinical Studies and Research Work

We found that Tri-iodothyronine and Norpseudophedrine are the only two ingredients which has some scientific proof for weight loss use but accompanies the health risk.

Other ingredients may be little or more useful for weight loss but are not backed by science.

Redotex Side Effects

There was a time when Redotex was very popular due to its powerful ingredients. However, meanwhile, FDA executed a ban on this product after seeing a number of cases of side effects.

This is the common problem with a prescription drug like Redotex for weight loss because it is not safe if you take it with some other medicine without the supervision of a doctor or if you have some other medical issue.

Redotex Precautions

  • Don’t take more than 1 capsule at a time.
  • Don’t use this weight loss pill for more than 12 weeks in a given year.
  • Doctors consult is must.
  • Don’t take Redotex with any other medicine.
  • Redotex is not for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Redotex Doses and Directions

You are advised to take 1 capsule of Redotex before morning breakfast daily for 3 weeks. After completion of 3 weeks take a 1 week break before starting the second cycle.

Redotex Price

On Some third party websites, you may come across the statements that this weight loss pill can redesign your body at $125 dollars (for 30 capsules). Redotex is sold online in some countries without money back guarantee.

Redotex User Reviews & Testimonials

Users of Redotex who didn’t come across side effects call it a miracle pill for its fast and easy results.

But, those with side effects swear not to use it again.

Is Redotex a Scam?

No. Redotex is not a scam, is only banned by FDA for sale in the US due to health risks associated with it.

Redotex Pros

  • Produce easy and quick weight loss.

Redotex Cons

  • Severe side effects can occur.
  • Banned in the US.
  • Doctor’s prescription is must as it is a pharmaceutical drug.
  • No reputed seller, no official website and no details about the manufacturer.

Where to Buy Redotex?

Due to no official website, this weight loss pill is sold by third party retailers. They also provide directions for its use.

Due to a ban on Redotex in the US, it is not easy to buy online. They may ask you to fill complete personal details and may only offer a list of pharmacies selling Redotex.

Yes, it can be legally purchased from Mexico with the prescription from a registered doctor. But, customs officers may seize and detain the drugs if you are found with Redotex in the US.

Final Verdict

Redotex is a quick and effortless weight loss solution with the risk of some mild to severe side effects.

While some people are attracted towards Redotex as it doesn’t require diet and exercise plan, the others don’t like it due to the associated side effect and FDA ban.

We strongly believe in natural weight loss supplements with official website and attestation by science for the safe and effective results. This is our reason for rejecting Redotex.

If you’re planning to spend your hard earned money and valuable time into a weight loss pill, you should go for the one which delivers the results easily but in a very safe manner and the product should be backed by published research.

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