Superbeets Review: Does This Product Really Work?

What is Superbeets?

Improved blood circulation can supply nutrients and oxygen in the abundant amount to each and every cell in the body and makes you feel more energetic and full of life.superbeets

Superbeets is a nutritional supplement that is designed to enhance blood circulation in your body.

Continue reading this SuperBeets review to learn every single detail so that at the end of this article you can derive some final message.

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Superbeets Claims

  • Fortifies energy level and endurance
  • Assists to amplify athletic stamina
  • Encourage proper blood pressure and cardiovascular health

Company behind Superbeets

Humann is the company behind this superfood for improved circulation.

The journey towards the evolution of Superbeets began in 2009 when Dr. Nathan Bryan with the help of other experts cofounded Neogenis Laboratories now known as Humann.

Their belief in blood circulation benefits relies on the Noble Prize winning discovery on Nitric Oxide in 1998.

Initially, they came up into nutrition market with their products like Neo40 and BeetElite. Finally, it was in 2013 when they launched Superbeets and got listed in Inc. 5000 in 2015.

What is in Superbeets?

Non-GMO beetroot crystals      

Beetroot is a magic food material which has numerous health benefits. It is a rich source of nitrates which gets oxidized when absorbed into the blood stream and get converted into nitric oxide (NO).

NO carry out vasodilation to enlarge the blood vessels and improves the O2 content in the blood thus improving the blood circulation in the body.

This has a good effect to minimize the chances of stroke, health disorders and blood pressure. Beetroot is abundant in antioxidant called beta cyanine which lowers the concentration of bad cholesterol.

Beetroot is a very good energy provider and it can normalize the blood sugar level.

Stevia leaf extract

It is a natural low calorie sweetener. Scientific studies explain that stevioside, the molecule in stevia, can decrease blood pressure level. But, these results are based on high doses of stevioside.

Stevioside has shown to optimize the operating of the hormone insulin in diabetic patients, contributing to better blood sugar levels.

Studies conducted on animals has proved that Stevioside lowers oxidized LDL cholesterol, reflecting that it could assist improve heart health.

Malic acid

A clinical study released in the “Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition” insisted that Malic acid is advantageous in cutting down the blood pressure.

Malic acid has many different uses but it can interact with other medications to cause ill effects on your body.

Does Superbeets Really Work & How Well?

Superbeets enhances the nitric oxide level in your body which improves the oxygen and nutrients transport to each living cell thus making you feel more energetic with low fatigue after sports activity.

The vasodilation effect produced by Superbeets improves cardiovascular health through reduced blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

However, online feedback says that Superbeets doesn’t work as effectively as it is claimed.

Superbeets Clinical Studies and Research Work

A substantial amount of scientific research is available to support the claims made by the developer of Superbeets.

However, neither the claims made by its manufacturer nor a single clinical study performed on the ingredients of Superbeets tells us about shedding body fat, cutting hunger and speeding metabolism.

Superbeets Side Effects

The controlled consumption of Superbeets on daily basis doesn’t cause any dangerous side effect.

But exceeding the recommended dose could raise the chances of kidney problems and low calcium levels.

Superbeets Precautions

Anyone with low blood pressure problem or taking related medication should not take Superbeets.

Superbeets Doses and Directions

Take a drink of 1 scoop of Superbeets powder with 4 oz water daily during peak working hours for maximum output. The supplement is sold in two different flavors, original flavor and black cherry flavor.

Superbeets Price

  • 1 canister: $39.95 plus $19.95 S&H
  • 3 canisters: $79.90
  • 6 canisters: $149.90

How is Superbeets Being Delivered?

Free shipping is available only within the US. Elsewhere there is a shipping charge of $19.95.

Superbeets Money Back Guarantee

Superbeets provide 90 days risk free satisfaction guarantee.

Is Superbeets a Scam?

The supplement is not a scam. But at the same time, it is not so effective to call it the best product.

Superbeets Pros

  • 90 days satisfaction guarantee for risk free use.
  • Good supplement if taken as a general tonic.
  • Doctor’s prescription is not needed for Superbeets.
  • Nitric oxide supplements are good for heart and high blood pressure problems.
  • Superbeets can improve the general health of the user.

Superbeets Cons

  • It does nothing for weight loss and diet control.
  • Alternatives present on the market can provide additional benefits like weight loss, lean muscles, appetite control.
  • Not for people on weight loss goal.
  • Expensive due to the limited benefits it provides.

Where to Buy Superbeets?

Superbeets can be easily purchased from the official website.

Final Verdict

All in all, we like the supplement called Superbeets as it can improve the cardiovascular health, controls the blood pressure and blood sugar level.

The vasodilation effect caused by the supplement is appreciable for its improved blood circulation.

Although it can provide some medical benefits, the results are not so effective and the supplement can’t be used as an alternative to the medicine.

Instead, it will be wise to call it a moderate health tonic.phenq banner