6 Weight Loss Tips to Lose Weight Faster, But Safely

No Gimmicks, No Lies- Only Practical Approach

How to lose weight has become one of the most worrying concerns of the world.

A study shows that the obese people are prone to serious health conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers etc.how to lose weight

In today’s glamorous world of beauty and fashion, obesity is the main hurdle. When we realize this, day by day we start getting more worried.

When we reach the breaking point we cannot wait even a day and an inner voice forces us to do any possible thing to shed extra weight immediately.

This is exactly where the fraudsters get an opportunity to rob you.

There is huge weight loss information available on the internet. Much of which is a lie and objectionable.

So in order to help innocent aspirants who wish to get a slim body by cutting down heavy loads of fat we carried out a practical approach based research at various Gyms, Cardios and Aerobics centers with the help of expert dietitians and fitness trainers.

We found that there are many ways to lose weight naturally. But believe us you cannot lose weight overnight because our body gets used to with the weight which it holds from a long time.

It requires an iron willpower and perseverance to shed away extra weight from the body. Here are the six healthy weight loss tips to lose weight faster, but safely.

  1. Take Proper Diet

Strictly follow the following Diet related weight loss tips to get the faster result:

 No to Regular Fasting

It creates starvation; make you feel hungry and desperate to eat in heaps. A study shows that instead of losing weight fasting may give reverse effect.no fasting

When you go for a workout with regular fasting then your body start becoming deficient in vital nutrients and minerals.

So, your main aim should always be a healthy and safe weight loss as we said.

Bottom line: For safe weight loss say no to regular fasting.  

Reduce Carbohydrates and Sugar Intake

This is the most effective step for losing weight because these contents encourage production of insulin.

Insulin is a main fat storage hormone which does not allow to burn fat easily. It drives down metabolicjunk food rate and slows down the weight loss.

But at the same time carbs are important for our body as they perform a vital duty in the proper working of the blood clotting, human development, fertilization and immune system.

A deficiency of carbohydrates can cause bad operation of all these systems.

Too much intake of carbs, particularly refined carbs such as sugar or corn syrup, can result in obesity, type II diabetes, and cancer.

Unhealthful high carbohydrate foods include cakes, jams, preserves, refined potato products, sugary cereals, bread products, sugary drinks, flours and crackers.

Healthful high carbohydrate foods include vegetables, fruits, legumes(beans), yogurt, whole grains and nuts.

So, completely abandon refined carbs and step by step reduce the consumption of healthy carbs to a healthy level.

After abandoning refined carbs being desperate to lose faster please don’t do sudden cut back of healthy carbs otherwise hunger and craving will make you give up the task.

Bottom line: Make refined carbs intake to zero from day one but reduce healthy carbs intake step by step and bring it to a minimum.     

Reduce Fat Intake

Fats are of two types – good and bad fats. Chemically monosaturated and polysaturated fats are good for health.fat food

Bad Fats are called as Trans Fats. Like carbs, fat is also a vital requirement of our body.

But excessive intake leads to obesity and bad fats leads to serious health conditions.

So always read the content of the food. Include good fat into the diet and reduce the excess intake.

 Bottom line: Read the content of food. Stop eating bad fat and take low fat diet.

Increase Protein Intake

Add protein to your diet. It is the healthiest nutrient for the body. Never skip your morning breakfast.protein

Especially take protein rich breakfast in the morning. This will make you feel fuller, reduce hunger and hence calorie intake gets reduced.

This will certainly help to lose weight. Being heavy to digest more calories are needed and hence metabolism is improved.

Protein intake will help you increase muscle mass. Egg white, chicken breast and fish are the healthy sources of protein for weight loss.

Bottom Line: High protein diet makes you feel fuller throughout the day reducing total calorie intake substantially, improves metabolism that helps in burning fat. 

Eat only Homemade Whole and Single Ingredient Food using Tricks as Under.

Processed food contains only carbs, added sugar and fat. All these are the main culprits in gaining weight. They lack important nutrients and fiber.whole grain food

This makes you feel empty soon and you eat more. So don’t do hoteling. Instead stick to home cooked food for all your breakfasts, lunch and dinner.

Cook food with a simple process (like steaming or boiling) without using too much oil.

Use whole grains single ingredient food. Avoid anything that is deep fried.

Add spices to the food. This fire up your metabolism and help you burn more fat.

Eat only when you are hungry. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat more slowly because when you eat fast you tend to consume more calories than required.

Drink one glass of warm water with two tablespoon lemon juice arly in the morning.

Don’t drink fruit juice instead eat the whole fruit. Drink water half hour before a meal and intermittently throughout the day. Add fiber to you evening breakfast. This will keep you full and help you eat less in the dinner as you will be less active after that.

Please don’t consume alcohol and sugary drinks because our brain differentiates the calories added by solid and liquid food and gives low count that is added by liquid food.

Keep away from dairy products as they are rich in unwanted stuff for you. Drink unsweetened green tea both in the morning and evening which will boost metabolism and help you burn that ugly belly fat.

Bottom line: No to hoteling, dairy products, fruit juice, sugary drinks and alcohol. Eat only home cooked single ingredient whole food with the simple tricks of spice, fiber, green tea, plenty of water, whole fruits and empty stomach lemon juice with warm water.                                                     

  1. Do Proper Exercise

Combined with above strict diet these exercise related weight loss tips will surprise you with unbelievable results.

You will undergo a complete transformation from ugly looking fatty and bulgy body into a curvy and muscular person.

Everyone would have a desire to get a body of yours. You will become a celeb.

  • Every hard hit obese person does some sort of exercise at the gym. But do they get the desired Cardio-Exerciseresult faster?? In general case, no, because for most of the time spent at the gym they follow the workout which assists bodybuilding and not the weight loss. They get fed up and give up the exercise soon. Actually, they don’t follow the basic rules for weight loss workouts.
  • First and the most important factor for fast weight loss is the time of work out. A study shows that morning workout gives optimal results.
  • When you want to lose weight your main focus should be on cardio workouts which is a fat burning workout and will help you burn fats quickly.
  • If you are doing a one hour workout then break it into four sessions – 5 minutes warm up, 30 minutes cardio, 20 minutes weight lifting and 5 minutes stretching. Every day do the weight lifting work out for different body part this will keep the fat down rate nearly constant because when we repeat same work out daily same body part get targeted. Once that part gets habituated to exercise fat loss rate comes down. Even the better way is to have a mix of gym workout with aerobics, Zumba, running, cycling, trekking etc twice a week. What you do is after every 2-3 days add one of the above mixes with regular gym workout. This will give you even better result.
  • Hit the gym daily. This helps to maintain the constant flow of fat from your body. Actually doing so your body gets habituated to shedding down the fat. You take a break of 1-2 weeks and see how fat will bounce back and this time it will resist from going away.

Bottom line: Do the workouts in morning; Focus on cardio workouts; Mixup the workouts and Don’t take a big break from exercise.  


  1. Take Good Sleep

A study shows that when you can’t take proper and enough sleep you start gaining weight.sleep

Exactly what happens is due to improper sleep our body and mind don’t get fully charged and we feel more stressed.

Hormones get disturbed leading to weight gain. Enough sleep is needed but not in afternoon. Daytime sleeping can worsen the things.

So get it at night only between 10 pm to 6 am which is the best time to sleep.

Bottom line: Enough sleep is must but only during night hours.

  1. Burn Your Mental Stress

Do you have a mental stress? If the answer is positive then it is a big negative for your entire body health.relieve stress

When you have one or another kind of continuous mental stress or tension then it disturbs the hormonal balance and metabolism leading to weight gain.

A better way is to get the proper counseling or treatment whatever it may be the problem.

Meditation and Yoga can help you get rid of stress if you find it difficult to get counseling or treatment.

Bottom line: Say Oommm; share your problem with your closed one you will feel relieved; Get it treated by experts. 

  1. Maintain Your Hormonal Balance

Is your hormonal balance disturbed? Thyroid and Testosterone are the two main hormones which control the body weight.hormonal balance

Thyroid is the master hormone which controls the secretion of all other hormones and metabolism of the body.

So thyroid has the vital impact on the hormonal balance of the body. It is secreted by the gland called thyroid gland.

Generally, people with hypothyroidism (under secretion of thyroid hormone TSH) has lowered metabolism. They feel very lazy. The body becomes notably inactive and gains weight.

Testosterone especially is a sex hormone but at the same time, its deficiency causes the body to gain fatty weight and reduce muscle mass. Low testosterone denies the burning of fat.

Bottom line: Get thyroid and testosterone level checked if you find a sudden increase in weight and if you are unable to lose easily.

  1. Take Supplement support(if you are desperate)

If you are following above diet and exercise. Getting enough sleep. You don’t have any stress. Hormonal balance is ok, still unable to lose weight at a faster rate or you are desperate to lose it but can’t follow the above steps strictly may be due to busy schedule then thinking about the weight loss supplement is not a bad idea.supplement

You can go for weight loss pills. But mere weight loss pills can’t help to lose weight. It can only increase your speed in the above journey.

But be sure that you are using a healthy supplement. It will surely help you to achieve the goal but it should have zero side effects on your body.

If you can’t follow the protein diet due to being a veggie or busy schedule then whey protein supplement can effectively fill the gap.

We suggest you to take multivitamins and mineral pills to avoid vitamin deficiency due to above diet and workouts as such deficiency is common in people on weight loss journey.

Bottom line: Supplements/Pills are not a bad option if unable to lose naturally or desperation can’t let you be patient enough. Only thing is not to fall prey to harmful stuff.